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Top marks for exam got seventeen coastal graduates

Today, graduates of schools in Primorsky Krai , As well as throughout Russia pass exam on social science and chemistry.

Top marks for exam got seventeen coastal graduates

17 students received the highest was at CSE

The head of the regional Department of Education and Science Alexander Zubritskiy reported that seventeen graduates of maritime schools passed the exam in Russian language, science and history at 100.

The highest score on the Russian language scored 12 people, three of them had no equal in computer science, and two of them - in history. This is a good result, considering that last year one hundred points on the Russian got only five people from all over the Maritime Provinces.

Not without incident. During Vladivostok Commission annulled the results of the two passing the test. In the first case, one student tried to use a cell phone, and she laid out his version of the responses to the Internet.

Russian language exam is not passed the 2.4% of students. They have the time to prepare to retake the exam on June 18.

Top marks for exam got seventeen coastal graduates

Опубликовано:   10-06-2013, 16:30      |      Категория:  eng news

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