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Famous Russian ekstremal going to jump from a bridge in the capital of the Russian Primorye

48-year-old extreme model of Russian Valery Rozov, author record jump from Mount Everest, is now going to jump from one of the two bridges in Vladivostok .

Famous Russian ekstremal going to jump from a bridge in the capital of the Russian Primorye

Esktremal going to jump off a bridge in Vladivostok

To make the final decision, ekstremal arrived in the capital Primorye But, most of all, he will jump from the Russian bridge.

Jump is scheduled for September, and while the athlete wants to thoroughly prepare for the event.
According to him, the need to obtain permission from the owners of the bridge and figure out all the details.

Choosing the champion is not accidental - Bridge the Russian island - one of the largest cable-stayed bridges in the world, the length of the central span 1104 m - a record in the world of bridge construction.

In addition, the Russian bridge some of the highest pylons in the world - the height of each is 324 meters.

Famous Russian ekstremal going to jump from a bridge in the capital of the Russian Primorye

Опубликовано:   10-06-2013, 11:45      |      Категория:  eng news

The first in the Far East Film School will open in the capital of Primorye
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In the capital of Primorye will have its own film school. At a press conference on the new project "Kinokurs" said its author and director Tikhon Makarov. Film School will work in Vladivostok Open a...
About 900 large families in Primorye receive benefits demographic
9-08-2013, 22:15, eng news
About 900 parents of many children from different municipalities of the region became the recipients of the new demographic benefits. Such a right they have the appearance of this year in the third...
Seaside flag with the symbol of Palo now flaunts
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The administration of the Korsakov city district of the Sakhalin
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The administration of the Korsakov city district of the Sakhalin region recognized the far-Eastern Bank of Sberbank of Russia, the winner of the tender for granting of the loan in the amount of 100...
Armed with rowdy arrested in Vladivostok
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The parade of brass bands on Saturday night restrict vehicular traffic in the center of Vladivostok
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According to the project by the end of the reconstruction here
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According to the draft, after the reconstruction there will be a cosy landscaped square with paths, benches, lanterns, small architectural forms and a children's Playground. And for lovers of street...
On Saturday at the waterfront Tsarevich took improving
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On Saturday at the waterfront Crown Prince held a wellness event "Walk walk - to live long." Everyone who came to measure the heart rate, weight, and taught to walk on a Scandinavian. The principle...

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