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Crook in the Primorsky Territory cheated gullible buyers for 20 million rubles

The court in Primorsky Krai will soon begin its consideration of the criminal case against the fraudsters, which managed to sell plots of land for 20 million rubles.

Crook in the Primorsky Territory cheated gullible buyers for 20 million rubles

20 million rubles were able to "earn" a fraud in Primorye

28-year-old lady presented collaborator district and municipal administrations, showing false papers. Moreover, it successfully finds a buyer from 2009 to 2012 they took the money to buy the land and disappeared. Her bait caught 13 gullible Primorye.

The crimes were committed by the same scheme - a young woman trying to convince victims that can assist in land ownership, then showed a randomly selected portion of the territory of Vladivostok , Artem and finds, as well as in the Nadezhda district.

Buyers, suspecting nothing, gave money cheats, and in return received fake documents.
First, the victims were trying to get the money back through the courts, but, realizing that the fake transactions, to the police with allegations of fraud. At the time of arrest crook managed to fool 13 people.

Today, the criminal case has been referred to the prosecutor's office Frunze district court of Vladivostok for consideration on the merits.

Crook in the Primorsky Territory cheated gullible buyers for 20 million rubles

Опубликовано:   7-06-2013, 22:01      |      Категория:  eng news

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