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31 million - to subsidize sections for the disabled in Primorye

From the regional budget for the payment of subsidies to enterprises that organize favorable sports for the disabled, will spend more than 31 million rubles.

31 million - to subsidize sections for the disabled in Primorye

Annual salary of physicians will increase na20%

In accordance with the routine "The development of mass physical culture and sports in the Primorsky Territory" commercial organizations and individual entrepreneurs can count on subsidies for reimbursement of expenses.

For 4 years on this good business from the regional budget will be planned to spend 335.7 million rubles. For example, in Ussuriysk disabled 4 years free engaged in taekwondo. Classes organized "Primorye Regional Taekwondo Federation."

Currently, the health groups martial arts master 64 people. The size of the planned expenditure on the organization of the work, some of which compensates for the regional budget, is more than 650 thousand rubles.

31 million - to subsidize sections for the disabled in Primorye

Опубликовано:   7-06-2013, 12:30      |      Категория:  eng news

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Visa-free travel for passengers in transit for 72 hours will be put into airports Seoul and Pussan
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In Primorye, delivered two helicopters to assist in the Emergency likviditsii the cyclone
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In Primorye, has successfully implemented a set of measures aimed
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On Tuesday in Vladivostok clear
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In Primorye pedophile abused the 11-year old girl
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The employees of the correctional system Primorye noted professional holiday
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Business regatta of
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