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June 7 - «Lady for a day», June 8 -

June 7 - «Lady for a day», June 8 - June 7 - Lady for a dayен June 8 - Noise behind the scenesно June 9 - But who are youкт ?16+16 start at 1830. Small stage. June 9 - Russian rouletteтк beginning at 1830316+1. Evening performances. June 8 - All starts with loveбв June 9 - it was not the nightч р16+16 beginning at 18. For the children. June 7 - Miracles behind the scenesм 8 June - Terem-Teremokмо June 9 - All will be wellо о3+(3 start at 1100. 8 June - the Red Toshaо а3+(3 June 9 - Miracles in the old millи е3+(3 beginning at 1200. Small stage. June 9 - Naughty Princessс а3+(3 beginning at 1000. on 7 June. The great hall. лIt is time for thee to the willо the song is Russianка Concert of the dedication of камерновокальному creativity of composers of the рMighty handfulу. In the program - works Cui Borodinд РимскогоКорсаковаа Balakirevи Mussorgsky. Sings Sergey Pleshivtsev. Start at 1830. For the children. 7е 8 9 June. Small hall. Children's musical program аМухаЦокотухако beginning at 1100. 8 June. The foyer of the Great hall. Chamber concert вMasterpieces of the international guitar repertoireр. Play Dmitry Krasnikov and Victor Barskov рclassical guitarг. Start at 1830. on 9 June. The great hall. Concert program рConstellation of smilesу. Reporting concert of the honoured collective of the Primorsky territoryо the exemplary ensemble of dance тUlybkaУ. Start at 1830. on 7 June. Concert of organ music. Plays honored artist of the Russian Federation Alexey Parshin. Start at 1830. on 7 June. Reporting concert circus collective кConfettiн е3+и. The beginning at 1800. 8 June. Concert of group рMavrinМ. The iconic guitarist Sergey Mavrin and his band will give only the enchanting concert in Vladivostok с16+е. The beginning at 2000. 8 and 9 June. Festival of Patriotic songs пEastern Outpostо. 8 June. Auditionsи 9 - gala concert н12+т. Beginning at 1500. Entrance is free. дPeter the Greatл 6о the Exhibition тIt's so simple - try to save someone's life. Exhibition тI discovered his talentт. Exhibition тTerritory of good о12+». 1Svetlanskaya 20а The Exhibition тRussian China. Exhibition тBelief. Nadezhda. Манчьжурияь. Exhibition тManuscripts and books of Cyrillic traditionа. Permanent exhibition and the exposition з16+и. The HOUSE-MUSEUM of FAMILY СУХАНОВЫХ Exhibition тThrough thorns to the starsв з12+». Exhibition of works by Veniamin Goncharenko рMoodsр е12+». Exhibition тAbduction Of EuropeЕ р16+». Exhibition тFaces of realismа и16+». Exhibition of painting Nikas Safronov. Exhibition тBeautyс girls and other personsе л16+». Exhibition тthe great Patriotic war Veterans in persons and documentsм н3+х. The exhibition тMasters and debutantsю а3+ы. Exhibition of computer graphics Tatiana Зорькиной к12+й.

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Vladivostok City Hall offers entrepreneurs urban area
1-03-2013, 11:50, eng news
Vladivostok for several years of the open bidding system for the right to sell or lease the municipal premises......
At the meeting of the Committee ЗСПК question «On
19-06-2013, 13:31, eng news
At the meeting of the Committee ЗСПК considered the issue «On circulation of the Vladivostok city Duma on regulation of the procedure for approval of reconstruction and rearrangement of...
More than five thousand students in Primorye rest in summer camps free
31-07-2013, 15:30, eng news
More than five thousand children in difficult situations, have already been to summer camps. According to the Department of Labor and Social Development of the Primorsky Territory, for these purposes...
Pacific Navy midshipman arranged at home depot for drug possession
24-05-2013, 14:40, eng news
There are reasons to suspect that the detected packets with the drug sales were made to......
This decision was taken while on a trial basis at
30-07-2013, 19:03, eng news
This decision was taken while on a trial basis at the request of a number of city residents. Now these buses, moving Partisan Avenue from the bus stop "Art Gallery", will embark and disembark...
The result of negotiations with the company Summit Ascent Holdings
4-07-2013, 07:31, eng news
The result of negotiations with the company Summit Ascent Holdings Ltd was the agreement on investments in the irz «Primorye». Summit Ascent Holdings Ltd - one of the leading companies-participants...
In Primorye detained recidivist with
2-03-2013, 08:20, eng news
It turned out that the account already resident Artem three convictions for drug trafficking. In the near future man will again be in the dock......
And tomorrow in the museum gallery
23-08-2013, 15:00, eng news
And tomorrow in the museum gallery "Artetage" everyone will be able to talk about the interaction of music and brands with Alan Miller (USA), to debate on the theme of "Rock and independent music...
Administration of Vladivostok: heating season runs smoothly
1-04-2013, 12:20, eng news
Heating season in Vladivostok is in normal mode. This is reported by experts on the management of the fuel and energy complex of the administration of the regional center. On all boilers Vladivostok,...
August 192013 the District Court in Chernigov
22-08-2013, 13:15, eng news
August 192013 Chernigov district court in special circumstances considered a criminal case against the former head of the Chernigov branch of OOO "Maritime Vegetable Experiment Station of All-Russia...

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