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Today in the «olympiyets» sports complex hosted

Today in the «olympiyets» sports complex hosted Today in the «olympiyets» sports complex hosted a press conference dedicated to a presentation by the seaside of the adherents of the MMA in the championship of Russia. Let's remind, at the end in Chelyabinsk championship of Russia on the mixed martial arts (MMA) Primorye was represented by a team of 6 fighters. In the weight category up to 84 kg seaside successfully made Shamil Abdulayev. On the way to the final, our fighter spent three tough clashes. And in the final inflicted a defeat Moskvich Гамзату Хирамагомедову. The outcome of the battle was decided additional 5 minutes, after which the judges gave the title приморцу. Now athlete aims to success at the World championship, which will be held this autumn in Moscow. - I fight was going out of way as if the next match there. Because of this, spent a lot of time, especially in the second fight against the athlete from the Urals. The final fight was not the most spectacular: the contender was uncomfortable, acted in counter attacks, constantly retreated, had all the time to act first number. Yes, and the floor was very slippery - it was hard to keep the rack. But managed to win. For the successful performance of our единоборцу awarded the title of master of sports. In addition to gold, Shamil another award in the Treasury team of the far Eastern Federal district brought brez from Khabarovsk, which account for a bronze medal. In the further plans of the Primorsky Federation of mixed martial arts further popularization of this sport. - MMA - this is an officially recognised sport, it's not professional fights according to the versions of the different promotional offices. For example, as the same Pankration. Here is quite different rules of conducting matches. Prohibited some of the shocks, reinforced protective equipment. In the nearest plans of the holding of the Cup of Russia in September this year, well then, maybe we can take the championship of Russia - said the President of the Primorsky Federation MMA Denis Grigoriev.

Опубликовано:   6-06-2013, 22:46      |      Категория:  eng news

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