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Today the meeting of the working group under the leadership of

Today the meeting of the working group under the leadership of Today the meeting of the working group under the leadership of Vladivostok mayor Igor Pushkarev on proposals of the Vladivostok city public organization of veterans of war, labour, Armed forces and law enforcement agencies. The first question of the ten that were on the agenda, - the petition of the organization of the veterans about the creation of the Museum of military glory of the city of Vladivostok, the opening of which it would be appropriate to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second world war. On this issue to the head of city Igor Пушкаревым and Chairman of organization of veterans reported Anatoly Melnik, head of Department for city planning and architecture of the city of Vladivostok. «Now there is a process of transfer of the given site of the Ministry of defense of our municipality, told Anatoly Melnik. Two days ago we received a document which is signed by the Deputy Minister of defense of Russia, which has a list of parcels sent by the Ministry to us. may 14 signed a document on the transfer of the land area of 189 thousand square meters, We plan to develop the design documentation of the whole complex, including the Museum. At this stage there is no financing, awaiting for the official registration of land. Already this year we will continue to work on the thumbnails» Participants desktop announced that the main challenge now the administration as soon as possible to carry out work on formation of the land plot, namely: it is necessary to determine its position, put on cadastral registration and then register it as a municipal property. The same plan and the section on the Russky island, where it is planned to create a memorial to the veterans of the landfill site. In accordance with the current General plan and project of building and land use on the territory of the island has scheduled a territory the size of 33 hectares for burial. This land, according to participants of the desktop, there are also signed on the Russian defence Ministry list. «On the 14th km of the demolished house, at our request, made a cemetery for 2000 places, but over time they began to bury the «criminals» and so on. And now the city of military glory has no memorial burial,» complained the head of chair, organization of veterans Yakov Cannes. However, Igor Pushkarev, and Anatoly Melnik convinced main veteran of the city that on the official memorial site no one will bury in addition to veterans. «Veterans Council addressed a number of questions to us, we convened a meeting of the administration, discussed, work out solutions. This system planned work, well we cooperate with the Council of veterans, to discuss our solutions in the area of social policy we as experts attract veterans»,- commented the results of the work of the Igor Pushkarev. Source: Christina Oleinik, RIA "VladNews"

Опубликовано:   6-06-2013, 22:46      |      Категория:  eng news

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Igor Pushkarev was recognized as one of the best mayors in Russia
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At this year's meeting of several thousand philosophers went to representatives of the school of Humanities FEFU: Felix Agim, Sergey and Lyudmila Yachin Kirsanov. The theme of the congress was...
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In Primorye, in February of this year, the share of exports of unprocessed timber exceeded 75 percent......

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