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Tomorrow, on 6 June, the first municipal buses average

Tomorrow, on 6 June, the first municipal buses average Tomorrow, on 6 June, the first municipal medium capacity buses Volkswagen Crafter will go on a revised scheme of a route №15 «Labor - TC Emerald - Labor». Thanks to this route residents of Pershamajski district to more quickly get to the city center, because after the bridge across the Golden horn, VWs will go down the street Sukhanova. So, movement on a route №15K, which is in the test mode will German Крафтеры, will be carried out at stop «Labour - a Monument of minerals of the basement - Small Ulysses - TWA - Окатовая - Oleg Koshevoy - Radiopribor - Diomid - Opera and ballet - the Funicular - Sukhanova - TC Emerald.» In the opposite direction of the route will run through the stop «shopping center Emerald - Komarova - Art gallery - Instrumental plant - VGUES - Berth - Chaika-1 - Seagull-2 - PKDTS - Kharkiv - Ring Tereshkova - Zaporozhye - Grocery - Labor». Let's remind, that in Vladivostok started placement on the line of buses of the world famous brands Volkswagen, which recently joined the urban bus fleet. The first routes, on which the order of the mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev came out yellow VWs, became the most remote and challenging routes Russkiy island №29 «at the Foot of the Center and №22 «Pospelova - Channel - Center». Then a new municipal transport appeared on route number 90 «Lugovaya - Center». As have informed in management of transport, this measure is caused by necessity of updating of a rolling stock on the route - this repeatedly asked the passengers. Now the line consists of four municipal bus and ten - commercial carrier.

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August 152013 organizations need to provide
1-07-2013, 21:17, eng news
August 152013 organizations should submit to the territorial bodies of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation reports. We remind you that you can file a report via the Internet. In this case,...
In accordance with the provisions of the Tariff Department
9-07-2013, 12:30, eng news
In accordance with the provisions of the Tariff Department of the Primorsky Territory Administration in all the cities of Primorye, set new standards of consumption of hot water in residential areas:...
In the coming Sunday, August 11 in Vladivostok
7-08-2013, 17:46, eng news
In the coming Sunday, August 11 will be held in Vladivostok third "Velovyhodnye." The event was held under the auspices of the Youth of the city and the active participation of the "Velosipedizatsiya...
Spouses Putin announced the divorce
7-06-2013, 17:16, eng news
Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila announced that their marriage is over. The couple divorced Putins On Thursday, they visited the ballet "Esmeralda" in the State Kremlin Palace,...
In Vladivostok, today is cloudy, no precipitation expected
19-04-2013, 09:00, eng news
Afternoon, the air warms up to nine degrees, but the wind of - up to strong......
Inspectors in Vladivostok was closed illegal outlets
17-09-2013, 04:50, eng news
In the capital of Primorye experts city department of trade and services in the course of raids checked illegally placed outlets. The debtor failed to Primorye chose such a neighbor found almost 1.3...
More than 600 extraordinary ideas proposed by innovators
30-07-2013, 13:16, eng news
More than 600 extraordinary ideas proposed by innovators Far East Savings Bank for seven months in 2013. 55 of them have already been introduced, and a further 42 are ongoing. The economic effect in...
Strongest akvabaykery gather in the capital of Primorye
7-08-2013, 17:32, eng news
From 14 to 18 August on the island of Russian will host the World Rally raid on aquabikes. Participation in the event will be a spectacular 30 strongest riders from around the world. Akvabaykery from...
In Vladivostok, the driver of the jeep crashed into a billboard
23-05-2013, 10:20, eng news
Over the past day in the Maritime region recorded 64 accidents in which 6 people were affected. (PHOTOS)......
July 25 at Theater Square was held in Vladivostok
26-07-2013, 13:46, eng news
July 25 at Theater Square of Vladivostok was inaugurated musical monument to Vladimir Vysotsky. The official ceremony was dedicated to the 33 anniversary of the death of the great bard. "Monument to...

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