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Tomorrow, on 6 June, the first municipal buses average

Tomorrow, on 6 June, the first municipal buses average Tomorrow, on 6 June, the first municipal medium capacity buses Volkswagen Crafter will go on a revised scheme of a route №15 «Labor - TC Emerald - Labor». Thanks to this route residents of Pershamajski district to more quickly get to the city center, because after the bridge across the Golden horn, VWs will go down the street Sukhanova. So, movement on a route №15K, which is in the test mode will German Крафтеры, will be carried out at stop «Labour - a Monument of minerals of the basement - Small Ulysses - TWA - Окатовая - Oleg Koshevoy - Radiopribor - Diomid - Opera and ballet - the Funicular - Sukhanova - TC Emerald.» In the opposite direction of the route will run through the stop «shopping center Emerald - Komarova - Art gallery - Instrumental plant - VGUES - Berth - Chaika-1 - Seagull-2 - PKDTS - Kharkiv - Ring Tereshkova - Zaporozhye - Grocery - Labor». Let's remind, that in Vladivostok started placement on the line of buses of the world famous brands Volkswagen, which recently joined the urban bus fleet. The first routes, on which the order of the mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev came out yellow VWs, became the most remote and challenging routes Russkiy island №29 «at the Foot of the Center and №22 «Pospelova - Channel - Center». Then a new municipal transport appeared on route number 90 «Lugovaya - Center». As have informed in management of transport, this measure is caused by necessity of updating of a rolling stock on the route - this repeatedly asked the passengers. Now the line consists of four municipal bus and ten - commercial carrier.

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Surprisingly, the number of drunken accidents on Russian roads
20-09-2013, 10:38, eng news
Surprisingly, the number of drunken accidents on Russian roads is reduced. However, while the microscopic rates - two percent per year (if desired, and did consider the statistical error). But let...
Driver training in Russia: the learning process - itself, the legislation - in itself
6-03-2013, 03:10, eng news
Chairman of the Board of the Maritime Association of Driving Schools Alexander Nikolayev of the discussion of amendments to the Law on Road Traffic Safety......
Management of Federal Antimonopoly service of Primorye
17-06-2013, 11:16, eng news
Management of Federal Antimonopoly service for the Primorsky Krai conducted an unscheduled exit check against RUSHYDRO VPO far Eastern Federal University. As the press-service of the Primorsky...
В Приморье продолжаются профилактические антинаркотические
4-07-2013, 20:16, eng news
В Приморье продолжаются профилактические антинаркотические акции в детских оздоровительных лагерях и реабилитационных центрах. Как рассказали в службе информации и общественных связей УФСКН России по...
Pacific Fleet detachment conducted live fire training in the Pacific
28-03-2013, 13:11, eng news
Ships of the Pacific Fleet, under the command of Rear Admiral Vadim Kulit continue to fulfill the tasks of combat duty in the Pacific. The press service of the Pacific Fleet TSB. In the South China...
Far from the scam affecting hundreds of Russians
18-05-2013, 11:20, eng news
The Dodgers played the "Forex" using money from unsuspecting clients, but came the day when return the money with interest, they just had enough......
In Vladivostok, updated road markings
26-04-2013, 13:30, eng news
The marking of the carriageway intermittent and continuous lines, and the double solid appeared on the streets of Sukhanov Uborevycha Partisan Avenue, Semyonov, Lazo, fountains, Ocean Avenue,...
Governmental organization
26-08-2013, 23:30, eng news
Governmental organization "Brownie control" on July 10 launched a contest "A million for your house." July 15 was finished accepting applications. In the contest was attended by 37 homes. August 23...
29-04-2013, 16:00, eng news
Unusual graffiti have appeared in several districts of Vladivostok (PHOTOS)......
In Bolshoi Kamen employees of the local Department of SU TFR
1-07-2013, 21:16, eng news
In Bolshoi Kamen employees of the local Department of SU TFR for the Primorsky Krai has completed investigation into the criminal case against the women of 1991 year of birth. She is accused of...

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