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At an informal meeting with journalists from Primorye,

At an informal meeting with journalists from Primorye, At an informal meeting with journalists from Primorye, which took place today in the building of the newspaper «Vladivostok», Igor Pushkarev answered the question about how he manages to ensure hour activity rhythm of the city and spent time with his family. Speaking of that work is, to a certain extent, life dominant, Igor Pushkarev noted the role of women in the family. That should understand and support her husband in his chosen business. «I was lucky!» Igor Sergeevich. Noting the clear distribution of roles in the family, the head of Vladivostok touched family priorities: «I worked all my life a lot. The house is never long he had not visited. My wife treat this fact with understanding and always in a joking tone quoted me a Japanese proverb about the perfect husband. According to the Japanese, the ideal husband two virtues - he never gets sick and is not at home. Of course, this is not so, but man, if he is busy, the house is not often. At home he is not sitting. I had heard about such cases, when a woman works and a man sits at home, but I don't understand it» His perception of family life Igor Sergeevich transmitted in clear images of each person. «Life is a two-way road. Here it is important понимание.Женщина wants attention. A man should take this into account. But the man busy - and the woman should understand. Men think that they control, but in fact they are controlled by a woman. Depends on the woman 80% of the achievements of family relations in the family and raising the children. And, if children see that father really works, it becomes a good example for them!» In the process of conversation about family values, journalists asked Igor Пушкареву question about the education of his eldest son. The head of the city said that recently he twice became convinced that his son acquires the traits of the character of this man, despite being constantly busy father who didn't always have the time to be the right thing to suggest. «I recently with his brothers and father went on a trip to Moscow on cars. Finished in six days. The eldest son took it with him, " said the mayor. - Adults who have a driver's license, went so: one at the wheel, the second - Navigator. Stopped to rest and sleep. Pace, you know, what - six days on nine thousand, two hundred kilometers. Guy load endured. I see that with education's all right. Son grow a reliable and strong» the Second example, narrated by the head of Vladivostok, terms of school relationships eldest son. Being quiet and counterbalanced, the son did not brag about kinship and not self-assertion. However, in high school, sometimes there are conflicts. Mainly because some peers are trying to assert themselves and tortured hook hurt. Cling, of course, not only him - all in a row. Just some fighting back, others have not. «Recently son came trousers were torn, dirty shirt, - said Igor Pushkarev. - It turns out, had to fight to stand up for themselves. Well done, not frightened. Managed to fight back. Means and character, and education all right. But education is mainly the merit of my wife» Source: Egor Ivanov

Опубликовано:   5-06-2013, 20:16      |      Категория:  eng news

In Primorye, under the wheels of the truck was killed 10-year-old boy
9-05-2013, 19:30, eng news
On Wednesday, May 8 about 18 o'clock in the evening in the village of Roshchino Krasnoarmeyskiy region of Primorye truck drivers of the brand "Volvo" trailer ran over a 10-year-old boy. From injuries...
On the beach in Vladivostok found suicide
30-04-2013, 18:10, eng news
Today around noon in Vladivostok police approached a woman and said that the board room on the beach of the bay in the car, she saw the man's body. On the beach in Vladivostok found the place of...
Tomorrow, June 8 works on laying of underground
7-06-2013, 12:45, eng news
Tomorrow, June 8 begin work on the laying of underground pressure and gravity of reservoirs on the part of the street Korabelnaya Embankment. They will be held by the brigade and contractors of...
19-05-2013, 15:20, eng news
The Board of Directors of JSC "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" has approved the establishment of the Far Eastern airlines on the basis of "Sakhalin Airlines." Far Eastern airline will be created by...
Sberbank awarded winners of the All Financial Markets for senior
10-04-2013, 13:50, eng news
In the competition was attended by more than 5000 students from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. In the final round, 64 players competed from 28 regions of Russia......
According to the Center for Crisis Management
26-07-2013, 19:02, eng news
According to the Center for Crisis Management of the Main Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry in Primorsky Krai, in Dal'negorsk no flooding. At this point in Dalnegorsk is dumping the...
Volkswagen buses sent to Vladivostok
26-03-2013, 18:50, eng news
16 Volkswagen Crafter buses today, March 26 sent to Vladivostok from central Russia. The new buses will go to Vladivostok party machines manufactured by German factory in D"usseldorf, and Nizhniy...
Imposing a fine of 1 million rubles can
11-09-2013, 22:27, eng news
Imposing a fine of 1 million rubles to pay can guide the military hospital in the village of keys. In the course of search operations department staff to monitor the licit drug Drug Control Service...
Russia and Japan are stepping up relations in the energy, logistics, research and education
29-04-2013, 19:20, eng news
The second Russian-Japanese forum Far ahead of the main topics to develop relations between the two countries regions......
The investigation has established, at night February 112013
12-08-2013, 10:45, eng news
The investigation has established, at night February 112013 two previously unknown to minors in the train station Vladivostok message Partizansk Far Eastern Railroad entered into a criminal...

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