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Vladivostok police powerless to stop the persecution of stray dogs

Vladivostok police powerless to stop the persecution of stray dogs

At present, Vladivostok police can not stop the massacre of stray dogs. Existing in an already difficult situation and complicate the townspeople, literally "pouring oil on the fire" of online forums and social networks.

"Dogs are always breed at this time, and flocks to the summer begin to grow. Any yard dog does not touch only those who feeds her, and any outsider - the enemy on its territory. And, of course, those who are afraid of dogs, begin their poison, others begin to defend. And while in our country on a legal basis it's not spelled out, it would be " - Told our reporter in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Vladivostok.

Also in the conversation, it was noted that the townspeople to find the carcass of the dead in the street dogs, virtually to the police - as a result of cases of destruction of individuals and schools of law enforcement officers generally know from the media: "In the case of detection of dead dogs is difficult to determine the cause of death, and the expertise we have in such cases is paid. Example, in the past year because of the scandals in the media related to the APEC summit, of" Manchuria "had to cancel the contract with the Administration of Vladivostok. But conducted test did not prove their guilt. And now, because of these attacks, we were the only private company. "

In the press center of the Department of Internal Affairs reported that the people themselves are often the initiators of the appearance packs of stray dogs, " People will sometimes buy a dog and then throw them into the street, or get rid of the puppies. Yet they subsequently grow and multiply in the pack. There Another big problem with people who buy fighting dogs and walks them without a collar. Such people, too, because no law, and there is nothing we can do with them. "

Recall that on May 27 Primore24 Agency reported that some citizens are tired to put up with the presence of stray dogs on the streets and went to drastic measures - began to persecute their drugs are sold freely in pharmacies .

Опубликовано:   28-05-2013, 14:20      |      Категория:  eng news

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