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The girl from Vladivostok, Russia won the Cup Kudo

The girl from Vladivostok, Russia won the Cup Kudo Photo: Press Service of the Federation Kudo ET

In Cherepovets, the VII Russian Cup Kudo, participation in whichtook more than 70 combat sports. In the Russian tournament our region represented athlete from Vladivostok Alina Rezepkin.

Alina 18 years, the category of 220 units. She has performed in women in the overall category in which it was stated 10 strongest athletes from across the country. In the struggle for the possession of the main award Rezepkin spent three fights.

The first match was a rival of Yaroslavl,which was greater weight class - 240 units, weight and height of her above those Rezepkin. According to Aline, she had a hard time, because the first match is always more difficult psychologically. However, coastal athlete managed to defeat rival.

In the second fight Alina Rezepkin met kudoistkoy of Cherepovets and also won.

In the final fate brought our Alina with anotherathlete from Yaroslavl - Anastasia Marina, which in the first leg of the competition won the world champion Lyudmila Rodionov. The final fight was very complicated, most of the time the winner is not revealed, the judge appointed an additional 3 minutes, after which it announced an estimated Rezepkin victory. Maritime athlete - winner of the Cup of Russia!

Congratulations to Alina Rezepkin, coaches and federation Kudo DV with excellent results!

Alina Rezepkin was born and raised in Nakhodka. Kudo has been almost 15 years since Vladimir Rezepkin Alina's father - the head coach and the federation finds kudo. Since last year, after entering the Customs Academy Alina lives and studies in Vladivostok. For the past year she has been under the guidance of senior coach Yuri Kudo DVFO beard.

Alina Rezepkin, winner of the Cup of Russia:

- Kudo became involved at an early age of four years. First coach - my father when I grew up, after 12 years, I'm used to it, it was involved and began to understand that it is necessary for me, not my father, and I, of course, the attitude to training has changed, there was a great desire and purpose. Up to twelve years of my sparring partners were only boys, for girls in little kudo. And now I train with the boys.

Sport activities brought me a sense of self-confidence: I can easily get into a new band, not afraid to meet new people. In life, as in sports - athlete posing a goal and go for it, now all of these qualities help me in school.

The guys on the team in training favors I do not belong on an equal footing, but after practice already noticed that I'm a girl on the team. In a competition to help carry the bag, have different signs of attention: chocolates. give .

Winning the Cup of Russia became for me the first step to the World Cup. The next important step will be the championship of Russia. Also I will be taking part in the training camp and rest, gain strength, from September to begin preparing for the national championship. These important start, I tried all my life. The selection of them will be very hard, and will need to be psychologically prepared as much as physically.

Now I'm training under Yuri Ivanovich beard that prepared me for the Cup of Russia. He is the one for me to get up at 6 in the morning, come to the gym, where we are together, side by side trained. All that tells me to coach, I am strictly doing. Thanks to Yuri Ivanovich for all!

Yuri Beard, senior coach of the Far Eastern Federal District Kudo:

- Alina I know since childhood, she always had my "eyes", often seen on the edge of her competitions. Then, as I took her coach with the guys on the Russian championship. I already knew what kind of person and what it represents. Alina can be an example for many children-athletes. She's never late for training - it was seven o'clock, arrive at seven, it was six hours will be six, it can rely on. It is an indication of its relationship to sports.

Alina very seriously preparing for the Cup of Russia: two workouts each day at seven in the morning and 17 in the evening. Rehearsed technique and increase overall physical layer and thus deservedly won.

Denis Grigoriev, head of the Federation of kudo Primorye Territory:

- On the Cup of Russia Kudo student of our federation Alina Rezepkin performed very well and won first place. Alina shows consistently good results and is one of our main contenders to get into the national team of Russia and the World Cup. Now she will have a summer vacation, after which the charges will begin in September and preparations for the championship of Russia. It will be held in February 2014 in Moscow. That it will be determined by only one athlete who will represent our country at the World Championships in Japan in the women's category. Now the rules have changed a bit, if earlier one country represented by two athletes, then on the upcoming World Cup will be only one. Therefore, the selection for the world championship will be very tough and competitive, and we will prepare for it seriously. I note that the Far Eastern Federal District team for two years is one of the best in the country, but will have to work hard, nothing comes easy.

Опубликовано:   28-05-2013, 11:20      |      Категория:  eng news

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