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In Vladivostok, furtively bailiff given a suspended sentence

In Vladivostok, furtively bailiff given a suspended sentence

In Vladivostok, a conviction of a former bailiff.

Gathered by the investigating authorities seaside TFR court found sufficient evidence for a conviction to the former bailiff. He was found guilty of offenses under Part 3. 160 of the Criminal Code (embezzlement), Part 3. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud).

The investigation and the court found that in August 2012 the defendant, when acting as a bailiff in the department bailiffs Pervorechenskij area VGO UFSSP Russia in the Primorsky Territory, has developed a plan of criminal theft entrusted to him laundering.

The police officer, receiving money from the debtors to repay the debt, brought in documents smaller amount, and pocketed the difference. The total amount of funds stolen amounted to almost 62 thousand rubles. In addition, in September of that year the defendant was summoned to the office of the debtor, took his money, but contrary to official regulations are not written out a receipt. So he tricked the amount seized in 6620 rubles and ordered it on your own.

The court appointed the defendant sentence 1.5 years of imprisonment with a probation period of 2 years.

Опубликовано:   28-05-2013, 11:20      |      Категория:  eng news

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