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In the Internet there were answers to the seaside USE

In the Internet there were answers to the seaside USE Photo: marker.ru

In social networks emerged completed forms Unified State Exam in Russian, which takes place on May 27 according to RIA Novosti . According to the agency, while the Internet can find the answers for the test given to the Far East, where the exam began earlier than in other regions of Russia.

The authorities monitor the occurrence of answers on the Internet. As reported by citing officer Department of Education and Science of the Primorsky Territory Catherine goldfinch, if it turns out that the forms are really present and issued this year, the information is transmitted to the State examination committee. "Usually an hour or two can establish the identity of the offender, then the Commission shall take a decision until the annulment of the results without the right to retake the exam," - said goldfinch.

Answers to exam appear on the Internet every year. In the social network "VKontakte" several dozens of groups that offer answers. As a rule, however, they do not have anything to do with real answers for the test.

Nevertheless, in some groups actually spread these already completed forms. In 2011 one of the founders of the group said that in 2500 he received the photos of forms only in mathematics. In 2012 annulled the results of 122 graduates for what they published pictures of forms issued to them.

In 2013 the Russian language exam - the first. Behind him - May 30 - graduates will take computer science, biology and history. June 3 will be the math exam, June 6 - in foreign languages, June 10 - the social studies and chemistry. Exams will be held June 13 in geography and literature.

Опубликовано:   28-05-2013, 01:20      |      Категория:  eng news

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