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Seaside health care spending public money to numerous violations of

Seaside health care spending public money to numerous violations of
Prosecutor's Office of the Primorsky Territory analyzed the results of the work of supervision over the implementation of legislation in the implementation of the priority national project "Health".

As reported
Senior Assistant Attorney Primorye Elena Telegina
, The results of the analysis indicate that most of the violations of the law in this area is permitted health agencies in the expenditure of budgetary funds, the use of diagnostic equipment, as well as the organization of the training of health personnel.

Thus, the prosecutor ZATO Big Stone made presentation to the FGBUZ "Health Part number 98" FMBA Russia upon the misuse of budget funds totaling about 30 thousand rubles allocated medical institution on the implementation of additional incentive-based payments to certain categories of health workers . In pursuance of the Attorney funds recovered in full.

Similar violations identified by prosecutors Leninsky district of Vladivostok and Nakhodka.

Prosecutors Anuchinskogo, Kirov, October, Spassky's Khasan, Khorolskiy, Shkotovsky areas Dalnegorsk, Dalnerechensky interdistrict prosecutor suppressed evidence of medical assistance to the citizens of supervised health care workers who do not have the necessary qualifications.

Krasnoarmeyskiy prosecutors and border areas mainly doctors KGBUZ "Red Army Central Regional Hospital" and KGBUZ "Border Central Hospital" made representations on the facts of idle ambulances and failure to repair them. Pursuant to regulations adopted by the prosecutor to health facilities allocated for the repair of sanitary vehicles.

In general, during the first quarter of this year, prosecutors edge in supervising the observance of the legislation in the sphere of realization of the priority national project "Health" found 239 violations of the law, in order to eliminate that made 39 submissions, born 2 protest filed 18 cases on administrative offenses, announced 1 warning, issued a resolution in the order of 1 part 2 of article. 37 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation. At the initiative of prosecutors 15 perpetrators were brought to administrative responsibility, 26 persons - disciplined.

Опубликовано:   27-05-2013, 19:40      |      Категория:  eng news

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