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The first victims of motorcycle season already appeared in Primorye

The first victims of motorcycle season already appeared in Primorye
Since the beginning of the official opening of motorcycle season in Primorye just over three weeks, but the accident statistics have already filled dozens of drivers of two-wheeled transport. To date, fatal injuries to motorcycle accident 5 members, with 80% of the accidents occurred through the fault of a motorcycle!

As reported
STSI the Primorsky
, On Saturday night in Ussuriysk when two motorcycles killed a young driver Kawasaki collided with the move in the same direction the motorcycle Yamaha, and then crashed into the support of urban lighting. As a result of the accident the driver Kawasaki, 27-year-old boy was seriously injured, from which he died in a city hospital. His passenger was taken to the intensive care unit with serious head injuries and leg. While in motion, both victims were without helmets.

In the recent increase in the number of accidents in which riders of two-wheeled drive vehicles without proper documents. Added to this is the neglect of the Traffic Regulations, in particular: the detour of traffic on the median strip, sidewalks, speeding, lack of defensive ammunition, as a result, all of this resulting in a heavy "two-wheeled injuries."

There are other "side of the coin": car drivers who have forgotten about their "two-wheeled brethren" that can suddenly appear in the commission of any maneuvers. So last night turned into a careless motorist head injuries to 24-year-old motorcyclist Vladivostok: on departure from the area the driver of Nissan Wingroad missed the motorcycle Yamaha, favored. The blow was thrown to the motorcycle car Honda Inspire, and only by sheer luck there were no fatal injuries.

Employees of traffic police Primorye once again appeal to all road users, particularly motorcyclists and motorists: Be extremely careful, mutually polite, take care of personal safety!

Опубликовано:   27-05-2013, 19:40      |      Категория:  eng news

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