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In Vladivostok, repairing stairs

In Vladivostok, repairing stairs Photo: Administration of Vladivostok

Work to replace the staircases are maintained in all areas of the city. Contractors first started repairing socially significant stairs leading to community facilities and public transport.

As reported in the management of housing maintenance and urban areas of the Vladivostok Administration, the works are 30 staircases, and 100 percent ready - about 20 objects. Among renovated - stairs on the street. Neybuta, 3075 four staircases in public transport "Balyaeva" Nevsky, 22 - 24 Krygin, 1 Krygin, 80 Nikiforov, 37 Dobrovolsky, 5a, Kirov, 21/1 Shepetkova, 1632 -3444-46 Morozova, 7 and others.

Currently being renovated staircase and sidewalk area of the house number 51 by number of houses number 47a, 47b on the street. Dnieper, 2 from the street. Stanyukovicha, 14-16 to ul.Bestuzheva, 19 down the street Dnieper, 50 years of the Komsomol, 2 Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy, 7-922 from Meadow, 77a to Lugovoi, 83B. Builders dismantle the old ruined structures, imported materials and prepare the site for the installation of new steps.

In addition, a number of sites contractors replaced the stairs, and builders started installing handrails. In the near future the work will be completed on the street. Tolstoy, 4144 Shoshina 25a Verkhneportovaya, 4b, Communication, 5 Kirov, 2a, Gamarnika, 5-7 Ilicheva, 15 Tukhachevsky, 6264 Heroes of the Varyag, 4 Nekrasov, 76a.

Recall that in this year, as in 2012 the repair of stairs will take place in several stages. Towards the implementation of the first three companies that won the auction, has already begun. In total this year will repair about 120 steps, some of which are structures of three or more spans.

Опубликовано:   27-05-2013, 19:20      |      Категория:  eng news

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