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Doghantery Vladivostok stray dogs poisoned pills from the pharmacy

Doghantery Vladivostok stray dogs poisoned pills from the pharmacy Photo: publicpost.ru

Doghantery, or more simply, the hunters of stray dogs, according to its mission of cleansing the city of mongrels that can attack people. One such ideological hunters living in Vladivostok, agreed to answer questions from a news agency Primore24.

29-year-old Daniel Kislitsyn works as a truck driver. The beginning of his "hunting", he explains that he had been twice in the same place was attacked by stray dogs.

"I think that mutts - a source of threat to humans, such as rats and - told the correspondent of IA Daniel Primore24. - I am working as a volunteer and to any groups do not belong. In town for sure there are people who are engaged in similar but I never saw them again. Tidy I just mongrels, master's dogs never touch. "

"Remove" doghanter prefers dogs with sausage, stuffed with pills. "I have nothing to scatter anywhere to anyone else accidentally hurt, feed the dog with it. Hunting is drugs that are sold over the counter and are not a poison." According to Daniel, the law of his actions, he did not break it.

More or less dangerous places where stray dogs can attack passers-by, our source did not call in his opinion, the whole town is equally dangerous. Especially a big problem for the citizens - stray dogs with parking lots.

"Sami doghantery sometimes acquire domestic dogs, but I have something to do with childhood do not like. Earlier, when he lived in the village, there were cats, but now there is no zhivotinki" - Summed up Daniel.

The reaction from the online community to the actions doghanterov ambiguous. Some justify the killing of stray dogs, while others are ready to tear themselves hunters.

Опубликовано:   27-05-2013, 18:20      |      Категория:  eng news

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