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Business Vladivostok suggested making the construction of kindergartens

Business Vladivostok suggested making the construction of kindergartens

At a meeting in the library Palo regional advisory council on education policy expert attention was a project of large-scale construction of private kindergartens in Primorye and above all - Vladivostok .

The project was presented Olga Kurilova, the head of the seaside representation "of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives" (independent non-profit organization whose goal is to bring together government and business for the benefit of society, the increasing role of entrepreneurship, creating an image of the "new Russian entrepreneur").

The essence of the proposal is that non-state kindergartens is expected to open on the first floors of new buildings being built, guided by the project "Building-Garden", implemented in 15 Russian regions. Thus, saving money (to design and equip a kindergarten on the ground floor of a residential home is cheaper than building it "in the field"), and increases the attractiveness of housing being built.

In the case of the successful implementation of such a project Mayor gets increased tax payments to the budget, and - most importantly - reduction of the order in kindergartens. Parents will appreciate the reduction of fees for kindergarten and the steps availability of the educational institution. developers receive a guaranteed income.

As explained by present at the meeting of the Expert Council of the head of the educational department of Primorye Zubritskiy Alexander, a similar project has already entered the "road map" of Primorye and received the approval of the governor. According Zubrytski Vladivostok administration has focused on the construction of municipal kindergartens, and achieved notable success in this, but the construction of private kindergartens may be held concurrently with the city program Igor Pushkarev - so the effect will be "cumulative".

Recall news agency Primore24 have repeatedly reported that due to the personal initiative of the head of the city administration the situation with kindergartens in Vladivostok in the last 5 years has changed dramatically. Of all children aged 2 to 5 years declined by almost three times, the children born in 2007-2008 to secure a place in the gardens completely. By September of places in kindergartens will be provided with all the children born in 2009 (4 years).

Опубликовано:   27-05-2013, 17:20      |      Категория:  eng news

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