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On Monday, in Vladivostok, fog and drizzle

On Monday, in Vladivostok, fog and drizzle

Today, May 27 weather conditions in the Maritime region defines the field of high atmospheric pressure. The region places a little rain. On the coast, fog in places. Wind southwest umerennyy.Temperatura night air +2 +14 ° C, daytime +11 +30 ° C.

In Vladivostok, cloudy weather during the day, at night and in the morning mist, drizzle. Southeast wind moderate to strong in the afternoon. Temperatures of +8 +10 ° C, daytime +12 +14 ° C, in the suburb of +19 +21 ° C. Radiation levels 11 mR /hr.

B Ussurijsk cloudy, no precipitation. Wind southwest moderate. Temperatures of +10 +12 ° C, daytime +21 +23 ° C.

In Nakhodka, partly cloudy, no precipitation. Southeast wind moderate. Night temperature +9 +11 ° C, daytime +19 +21 ° C.

Опубликовано:   27-05-2013, 09:20      |      Категория:  eng news

Tomorrow, June 15 at 11 o'clock in the sports hall of the sports complex
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Tomorrow, June 15 at 11 o'clock in the sports hall of the sports complex «Yunost» (Ocean Avenue, 43) will be held the 3rd stage of a city festival «family starts, which conducts the administration of...
Multipurpose center will provide services to Chuguevka in 2015
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MFC - is an autonomous institution, authorized the organization of public and municipal services, including in electronic form, on the principle of "one window"......
Primorye Governor criticized the program for road edge
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Head of the region criticized the existing program and asked the directors of relevant departments to finalize it in the shortest possible time......
Igor Pushkarev set the task to repair the bridge without Rudnevsky closures
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Sidewalks in the center of Vladivostok
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Granite selected by experts because of its durability and beauty. The surface of the pavement is not slippery, which is important for the safety of pedestrians......
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Vladivostok clinical maternity hospital number 2 (street Cheremukhovaya,
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Vladivostok clinical maternity hospital number 2 (street Cheremukhovaya, 32) opened after a two-week break - from 17 to 31 August, performed routine sanitization. As noted by the chief medical...
Then the work began bailiffs in the Ussuri
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Then the work began bailiffs in the Ussuri urban district. Willing to abandon its duty to peacefully citizen L. offered to the borrower to pick up his personal truck «KIA BONGO», to which the latter...
Families with triplets in Primorye receive new flats
17-06-2013, 11:02, eng news
In the regional Department of Labor and Social Development prepared certificates for social welfare payment for the purchase of apartments for families who were born triplets. Families with triplets...

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