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Zemfira called "garbage" concert hall in Vladivostok

Zemfira called \"garbage\" concert hall in Vladivostok

At only concert in Vladivostok, which takes place at this moment, a rock singer Zemfira caustically described the "Ninth shop" where she had to speak .

As reported by many students in their Twitter and instagrammah, a popular singer, attended the grand sell-out concert delayed by 45 minutes. Coming on the scene, Zemfira has complained that her meeting with students going to "dump" and the microphones are fighting current.

The performance itself, which brought together thousands of fans (mostly of the fair sex), was the cause of traffic jams - in the area of "Vanguard" /"Dalzavod" movement is tightly.

It remains to add that the tour Zemfira in support of their latest album, "Live in your head" is held with great success: Beijing continued the series of notices. Tickets for the dance floor and in the fan zone were sold out long before the concert (on blogs report that gathered at the "Guild" long before the show fans who failed to buy tickets can purchase them from speculators, or even get a gift from the lucky ones, for whatever some reason decided to abandon the concert).

Опубликовано:   22-05-2013, 20:20      |      Категория:  eng news

About two o'clock in the duty of the department of the Russian Interior Ministry
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About two o'clock in the duty of the Department of Internal Affairs of Russia in Mikhailovsky district turned 28-year-old man. According to the applicant, at night from the house to the Komsomolskaya...
During the inspection of the driver's license inspectors
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During the inspection of the driver's license DPS inspectors found evidence of forgery. The man explained that lost the driver's license, so he decided to make his own. The driver of foreign cars...
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The situation with the bankruptcy boundary pharmacy by the public as anti-theft and decriminalization in healthcare. But to call a spade a spade, it rather is a very serious redirection of cash...
On Shamora Championship will take place in Vladivostok on drag racing
30-04-2013, 17:00, eng news
In the races will be attended by about 40 riders from Vladivostok, Artyom, Nakhodka, Ussuriysk and other cities and districts of Primorye......
Vladivostok Mayor: Cancel Pospelov ferries to save the city of 100 million rubles
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Instead ferries link the Russian island with the "mainland" bus to the cable-stayed bridge......
Performance will take place on the waterfront Tsarevich 31 August
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Performance will take place on the waterfront Crown Prince on August 31 and September 1 to 22 hours. "The Kingdom of Crooked" - a theatrical representation of light and music in the tradition of...
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Вчера в Молодежном центре ДВФУ собрались выпускники факультетов архитектуры, дизайна архитектурной среды и искусства интерьера. На днях специалисты получат свои дипломы, но сегодня для еще пока...
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St. Petersburg musician, who turned out for the first time in Vladivostok, a recital, spoke about his work outside the group, communicating with fans and two hometowns - Kirov and St. Petersburg....
From 10 June 2013 clients of the far Eastern Sberbank
13-06-2013, 12:16, eng news
From 10 June 2013 clients of the far Eastern Sberbank can get higher bonuses when paying for purchases in directory OTTO using the card savings: 10 % of purchase amount to the bonus account accrues...
Chinese 34 times illegally crossed the border Russia
7-06-2013, 22:00, eng news
This week the Primorye Territory court considered the complaint of a citizen of China Guo. He believes that it is illegal is in one of the boundary remand. Chinese 34 times Russia illegally crossed...

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