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Primorye not be able to provide housing for orphans only in the home

Primorye not be able to provide housing for orphans only in the home

Boundary MPs propose to increase funding for repayment of non-enforcement of the provision of accommodation for orphans. In the waiting list of more than 1000 won lawsuits.

Situation with the living quarters of orphans and children left without parental care is always in control of the regional parliament committee on social policy and protection of the rights of citizens.

In 2013 for the purpose provided for 522.2 million rubles, including 239.8 million rubles - from the regional budget, 171.3 - from the federal. In addition to the acquisition of property by judicial decisions of the regional budget allocated 111.1 million. Also in the budget of the Primorsky Territory will go unrealized cash balance the federal budget for 2012 at $ 4.5 million.

May 21 responding to questions from MPs, Deputy Director of the Department of Education and Science of the Roman Sigida reported that the amount in the current year will provide housing for more than 500 people - far more than in the past.

At the same time, state the deputies, to change the situation without the help of the federal and regional budgets in the coming years is unlikely. The consolidated list of orphans and children left without parental care, have the right to housing, to January 12013 there were 1900 people. After the changes in federal law that extended the category of orphans eligible for inclusion in the list, it was 2124 people. 1150 remain unfulfilled judgments entrust the duties of the Primorsky Territory Administration to issue a certificate for the social benefit or to provide housing for the social contract of employment.

"The problem with providing housing for orphans, still is very serious, - Said the deputy chairman of the committee on social policy and protection of the rights of citizens Paul Serebrjakov. - Fact, all is not reduced because the number of orphans annually filling up the waiting list, about equal to the number of apartments, which provide for a year of this category of citizens. turns out that about two thousand people, we do not have houses, well, if graduating from boarding school, young people find work or come to study and live in a dorm, others in fact, find themselves on the street. "

Because current federal law and the boundary provides for orphaned children from the special fund housing, relevant departments of the regional administration initiated submission of applications to the courts to change the edge of order and mode of execution of court decisions involving social welfare payment for the purchase of housing. This will allow the waiting list to get an apartment in newly built homes listed in a dedicated fund. Within five years, they can not sell, exchange or give shelter that will protect young people from fraud.

At the moment, addressed the issue of the distribution of 25 apartments in a house on the street. Fat, 5g in Vladivostok. In addition, the ownership of the Primorsky Territory received 107 apartments in two residential houses located on the street Burachek in Vladivostok who are planning to give this category of citizens. To provide housing for orphans under construction housing in the Chernigov region - 72 apartments, in the October district - 72 apartments, Artem - 26 apartments, in the section of the South Sea - 6 apartments in the five-storey building.

The Committee recommended that the administration of the province to provide a three-year regional budget increase of funds for repayment of the debt in 2013 by non-enforcement of the provision of housing for orphans on the social contract of employment or a certificate to receive social payments for housing, as well as to provide funds for this purpose for 2014 and 2015.

Опубликовано:   22-05-2013, 14:20      |      Категория:  eng news

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