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Authorities have identified for the first time in Vladivostok graffiti "legal wall"

Authorities have identified for the first time in Vladivostok graffiti \"legal wall\"

Vladivostok artists began to paint the first official permission is a retaining wall for graffiti - street Okatova, 18.

In the painting involved, writers and teams like Concrete Jungle, Effect, PEACE, DDA, HARM, artist Paul Shugurov and many others. Also take part in the painting of the star of the American street art Gabriel spectrum (Specter), who comes to town with the support of the U.S. Consulate General in Vladivostok.

This wall artists and city officials chose to graffiti together. The painting will be an abstract composition with large color forms Vladivostok muralist Cyril Kryuchkov, who himself came out of the graffiti culture. This composition will wall divided into a plurality sections and these sections artists create their work.

In the center is the work of Gabriel spectrum, which is very much like the idea of "legal walls" because legalization allows authors carefully when developing sketches and most importantly, they can have nothing to fear, quietly draw, develop, improve the style.

Gabriel spectrum - known graffiti artist from the United States, whose work can be seen on the walls in many countries around the world. In Vladivostok, he comes with a creative visit. Gabriel travels and favorite shows on the streets of cities "monuments" of modern life. Paints in the style of photorealism local heroes, characters, streets and people that he liked. It is planned that Gabriel spectrum will arrive in Vladivostok on Saturday, May 25 and immediately go to Okatova paint on the wall.

And Monday, May 27 at 16:00 here it is planned graffiti festival, where artists present their work, talk about yourself, talk to reporters and spectators.

In Vladivostok administration hopes that this "legal wall" will become a new bright art object of the urban environment and show the world the new talents of artists.

Опубликовано:   22-05-2013, 14:20      |      Категория:  eng news

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