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Children's organizations Primorye will help the budget of


Children's public associations edge can receive government. The amendments to the regional law "On youth policy in the Primorsky Territory" coastal lawmakers sent the governor to sign.

Recall that in the regional law "On youth policy" provides information, advice and financial support to youth organizations. After the entry into force of the amendments to the Federal Law "On state support of youth and children's organizations" regions were able to promote and children's groups.

According to the deputy chairman of the Committee on sotspolitike and protect the rights of citizens Paul Serebrjakov, the committee prepared a draft amendment to the local law, "Youth Policy in the Primorye Territory." They provide that, along with the support of youth associations authority of the region will contribute to children's associations, including financially.

Subsidies from the regional budget will be able to inter-regional, regional and local youth and children's groups, which are legal entities. Will be funded community service programs and projects that have passed the competitive selection process.

By decision of the committee a draft of amendments sent deputies to sign the governor.

Опубликовано:   22-05-2013, 12:20      |      Категория:  eng news

The Vietnamese are sold in Primorye things with symbols Olympics - 2014
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For a short time the rain just to Vladivostok
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The region places a little rain. Wind northwest moderate. Air temperature +11 +26 ° C......
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The festival was held in Vladivostok professions. Organizer of the event, designed to help students choose their future profession, delivered humanitarian Vladivostok Commercial College (PHOTOS)......
A prisoner escaped from prison in Vladivostok
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The head of the regional health department checks the work of medical institutions
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Bailiff in Primorye got on a bribe
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Deputy Chief Bailiff Ussuriysk city district suspected of taking a bribe of 40000 rubles. The audit found that the department is the enforcement proceedings to recover the debt over a million rubles...
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This would be the case if the technical regulations come into force, prescribing a sausage manufacturing only the highest grade of meat......
In Primorye, for stealing from the church will go on trial lzhehudozhnik
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In the squares of Vladivostok will play brass bands
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