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After the second day of the primaries, "United Russia" candidates leaders have not changed

After the second day of the primaries, \"United Russia\" candidates leaders have not changed Photo: Anatoly Filatov

Sharply nasty weather could not prevent the party "United Russia" to hold a second day of voting on a single candidate tothe position of the Head of Administration of Vladivostok.

May 17 party members, members of the "United People's Front" and the participants of the first in the history of Vladivostok project "National examination" of the Frunze district listened to the programs of five candidates.

Recall voting shall take a former employee of the prosecutor's office and the former head of the closed Big Stone Alex Kletskin, businessman Dmitry Tsarev, MPLegislative Assembly of Primorsky Krai and successful businessman Paul Serebrjakov, business ombudsman Shemilina Marina and the acting head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev. The last and became the leader after the first day of voting, when the programs are evaluated candidates Pervomajskij area.

Invited to the stage for a welcome speech Igor Pushkarev drew attention to the reasonably interesting fact: "Today we have gathered representatives of the Frunze district. Abecause the Russian island and everything built on it in recent years, also belongs to this area. See how it expands, like increased over the past few years? "These words were met with approval.

After this the most open and democratic inner-voting has begun. In the audience had the opportunity to listen to the candidates, meet with them, ask any questions - it was designed special boxes at the information stands of candidates.

Before the speech Igor Pushkarev, described the situation in various parts of the city. "There is a problem or trouble-free areas in our Vladivostok. But traditionally there are areas more or less loyal to the government. I note that the May Day District, voted the day before, for many years, is good to the government, but does that mean that people here live better than the rest? Not at all. Perhaps, on the contrary, it is here that we still have much work. And residents of the center - the Frunze district - on the contrary, less loyal to the government, although people living in remote areas of the city, coming to the center for the holidays, asking, "Please, do so as the center of the city, and we", referring to the improvement. Pervorechenskij area is not very favorable to the administration. Perhaps this is due to the fact who and where it resides, different age and social groups. A Frunze district do not like, maybe they cover the road, sometimes noisy celebrations and so on. All this can be solved, but then again, most loyal to our May Day activities, and the most criticism and calls with requests and complaints received from the Frunze and Pervorechenskij areas. "

May 16th second place in the voting went to Pavel Serebryakov. It has traditionally behaved correctly pointed out, would not allow attacks on the other candidates. But not ukryvshuyusya noted that journalists "simple truth": the key points of the candidates, in fact, almost the same, they all want to do better and more comfortable Vladivostok. So that in the primaries, and in September in the mayoral election to choose exactly who are able to implement this program to the maximum. Responding to a question, in what way should interact mind, the mayor and the governor, Serebrjakov said: "First of all, the dialogue should build constructively. We have seen that in the last years of the conflict between the mayor and the governor was not. It is necessary to maintain this situation in the future. "

Missing May 16 primaries Marina Shemilina (Ombudsman took part in the forum of entrepreneurs, held in Vladivostok) noted that no social program will not work as long as the city remains empty purse. Fill it, in her opinion, should be entrepreneurs, those whose interests it represents, and for them to create appropriate conditions. "We used to see a man while you're at today - the only female candidate. What made such a decision? "- Was a question from the audience. "Previously, the times were such - and the 90th, and the 2000th, it is difficult, and required a tough man's hand. Today, the city is changing, and the lack of female hands for comfort and convenience, "- said Shemilina than met with the approval of the hall.

Speech by Igor Pushkarev can be called in a good emotional:

- What worries me, all you care about. Five years ago, you did me the great honor of having chosen for this position, and I thank you for that. Thank you! A time of great turmoil has passed, it is time to large projects. For example, the Vladivostok ring road that will solve most of the traffic problems of the city - from the second to Rivers Egersheld. Those who think that this is fantastic, let remember the way that came here. That's where fantastic! We have done a lot, but there is still more. Normal life has returned to Vladivostok, the inhabitants of which are worthy of respect. Can I say completely satisfied with how the last 5 years? Well, yes and no. We create new places in kindergartens, building neighborhoods, bridges, roads, purchase buses, erecting School playgrounds and sports grounds being landscaped courtyards. But still stand in traffic jams and problems still missing. I am confident that I can live up to your expectations, and any problems we are able - with you.

After counting the votes, it turned out that Igor Pushkarev keep the lead. In second place is still Paul Serebrjakov. Pushkarev scored 204 points, Serebrjakov - 127 points. In the first of the "People's examination of" Igor Pushkarev as a leader: he has 350 votes.

Опубликовано:   18-05-2013, 10:20      |      Категория:  eng news

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