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Business regatta in Vladivostok, all ready to go

Business regatta in Vladivostok, all ready to go

The business magazine "Chief Time" invites the team and their fans at the yacht club "7 feet" on the I-BUSINESS Cup Regatta magazine "Chief Time"!

An incredible passion for the participants! Unforgettable entertainment for the fans!

We're all set! The yachts are put logos of participating teams, hang flags. We are waiting for the arrival of every minute of our brave sailors and their support teams! See you tomorrow at the yacht club "7 feet"! Registration starts - at 10:00! It will be very exciting!

The order of registration determines the order of construction! Hurry up to us, and you just passing wind, we are waiting for you!

Do not miss out! This - CHIEF-time!

Business regatta in Vladivostok, all ready to go

Lots of competitions with prizes from the company "United Colors of Benetton", confectionery house "Tortobello" magazine and "Chief Time"! Thank advertising and production company "Jam" for their invaluable assistance in the preparation of souvenirs.

List of teams participating in the Business Regatta:


1. Andrey Oleynik - Director of Retail Business Vladivostok
2. Maltsters Eugene A. - Head of the Department of VIP clients Vladivostok
3. Kozhukhar Marina - Head of Credit and cash office in Vladivostok
4. Dyrkova Maria S. - Head of Credit department for work with corporate clients


1.Kosenko Oleg, commercial director tsifrobytovyh network of shops "Domotechnika"
2.Murashov Kirill Mikhailovich, regional director of
3.Tregubov Evgeny V., director of product management
4.Sobol Evgeny Vladimirovich, Head of service


1. Grebenuk Vladislav S. - director of the Vladivostok office NomosRegioBanka
2. Mamekov Anna - Deputy Director
3. Iskhakova Elena Shamilyevna - Head of Customer Service
4. Jakimovskaya Julia A. - Specialist of Corporate Business Development

4.Komanda "Business Congress II" -

1. Galina Popova - Director of "Career Forum"
2. Igor Borisov - General Director of CJSC "BIR"
3. Saprykin Dmitry V. - General Director of "AMORE Moreh"
4. Gorbachev Natalia - Director of Tourism Ltd. "Argonaut"


1. Maria Goncharenko (accountant)
2. Alexander Putko (reservations manager)
3. Anastasia Mikhailova (curated by travel agencies)
4. Valentine BARINOVA (PR-director).

6.Komanda yacht "RAO Energy System of East":

1. Sheverdyakova Natalia - Economist Planning and Economic Department of the branch "Primorsk heating networks" of "DGC"
2. Vadim Tikhonov - the press secretary of the branch "Primorsk heating networks" of "DGC"
3. Elena Smirnova - Record Manager of the branch "Primorsk heating networks" of "DGC"
4. Zarutsky Alex - engineer of the capital construction of the branch "Primorsk heating networks" of "DGC"

7. Team FAC "Boarding"

1. Boris Nikolaevich Yakovlev, Director-Vice President
2. Poplavtsov Arthur O., Project Manager CCMA,
3. Anton I. Moskalenko, head of the Directorate of bancassurance,
4. Volobuev Vyacheslav, senior client manager.

8. Team TNT "Oba-On!"

1. Yulia Belova A. - executive director of the channel TNT in Vladivostok
2. Mikhailyuk Nina Yu - Head of promoting
3. Lang Svetlana - office manager
4. Kassymov Ruslan Maratovich - Technical Director

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