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American "social worker" held liable for the illegal activities in the Primorye

American \"social worker\" held liable for the illegal activities in the Primorye

In Primorye, the details became known stories of Angela Stod, which under the guise of "cultural exchange" was engaged in illegal activities in theVladivostok.

Angela Stod arrived in Russia is completely legal. According to Visa, the goal of finding an American in Russia - "religious affairs." The fact that she is a member of the Vladivostok church Evangelical Christians-Baptists, and came to Russia as a missionary to help the church. As you would expect people to such formation, its care is free. However, on arrival in Primorye itfound a somewhat different lesson: American was teaching English in a so-called "American Corner" - the cultural center, located in the library named. AM Gorky. This "corner" is valid in Vladivostok in 2003 supervised by the library department of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, as well as the Department for Culture, Media and Education GK USA in Vladivostok. It organizes cultural and educational events, informing patrons center, in the firstall of the graduates of U.S. exchange programs about upcoming promotions.

In February, "The Corner" pay a visit verification of the RF Federal Migration Service of the Primorsky Territory for compliance with Russian migration legislation. During the inspection and it was found that Angela Stod there is not a legitimate activity. Shortly after the trial, the results of which has been recognized by Americanguilty. She was issued a fine of 2000 rubles and is requesting to leave the territory of the Russian Federation. However, as a result of illegal activities affected American citizens and Russian. Soon after checking the FMS staff began an administrative investigation into the Bryukhanova Alexander - Director of the Library, where she was an illegal activity American. Under Part 1 of Art. 1815 of the Administrative Code for this offense provided for payment of a fine of 25 to 50 thousand rublesfor official and from 250 to 800 thousand rubles for legal entities. In this case, an administrative investigation is only the tip of the iceberg - for him may well follow the prosecutor's investigation and audit by the Department of Culture of the Primorsky Territory Administration. Now Alexander Bryuhanov awaiting the decision of the court, and the "American Corner" continues.

Notably,that, according to some, after a conflict with Angela Stod U.S. Consul General in Vladivostok Sylvia Curran held a meeting with the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry in Vladivostok and vice-governor of Primorsky Krai, in which she explicitly called for the authorities and the supervisory authorities to take measures to "smooth out" the situation.

- As far as I know, for emphasis, she said that the current situation could adversely affect the Primorsky Territory Administration attempts to attract foreign investment - said a source in the Primorsky Territory Administration. - She understands that attracting investment to the region today is the most important task of the authorities edges.

In the U.S. Consulate in Vladivostok, neither confirmed nor denied the report, saying only that "may not disclose information concerning the personal information of a U.S. citizen", or activities of the consul.

It is also interesting that, according to some reports, the case involving Angela Stod, is under the scrutiny of the State Department and the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. It is strange that this would have seemed trifling situation is so interested in high offices. However, the explanation may have. According to some reports, during the preparation and conduct of election campaigns in the State Duma and the President of the Russian Federation on the basis of the "corners" of oppositional structures (the association of "The Voice", etc.) involved in the consolidation of former members of the academic exchanges in the United States to join them in a volunteer group for monitoring the electoral process in support of non-systemic opposition. Students of the "American Corner" worked as observers to monitor the vote through destructive Russian NGO "Association for the rights of the voters' voice."

- On the eve of the APEC summit, during the language of lectures involving GK U.S. diplomats in Vladivostok Americans initiative, deviating from the main topic, covered the anti-globalization protests that have taken place at an international forum in Honolulu in 2011 - said one of the listeners' Corner. " - During the interviews pointed to the importance of such activities for the establishment of a so-called Russian "Western-style democracy."

Thus, the "apolitical" "American Corner" is called into serious doubt. The hype around the case of Angela Stod and the interest in him from the high-ranking officials - another proof. Obviously, it is necessary for those who are interested in how to create an unfavorable atmosphere of bilateral relations between Russia and the United States.

However, if you drop all assumptions about the political background of Angela Stod case, is still a lot of questions. In the first place, to the most American. Her homeland - the United States - is marketed by the authorities as one of the most democratic countries, and its inhabitants - like most law-abiding. The "law-abiding" U.S. citizen dared to break the laws of the country, which it accepted. We must assume that to make such a home, she would not dare. In Russia, it seems, it has neglected local regulations. In such a situation, any good beginnings in cooperation between the two countries, unfortunately, come to naught.

Another point is that his actions she set a Russian citizen. He will now have to pay for the negligent attitude of foreigners to Russian law.

And of course, I wonder why such a trifle, it would seem, the case sparked a lively reaction from the United States in our country. As far as is known, they are incompetent to interfere in any public affairs concerning the exchange of culture between the two countries. However, their reaction is probably suggests that they are actively intervene in these very public affairs, chasing, obviously, some of his goals. In such a situation is undermining any action aimed at establishing friendship and trust between the U.S. and Russia.

Опубликовано:   17-05-2013, 14:20      |      Категория:  eng news

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