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Vladivostok will VKAD - similar capital MKADa

Vladivostok will VKAD - similar capital MKADa Photo: Anatoly Filatov

The relevant paragraph announced on the eve of the presentation of its program in the primaries of the party "United Russia" the acting head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev.

His performance Igor Pushkarev began with the words: "Those who have something to say, talking about his affairs. Many are waiting for me to report on the years he spent as head of the city, but I want to say about the future of Vladivostok. Now you and I are in a comfortable modern campus of Palo, and after just a few years ago, there was a forest - and nothing else. Look out the window - you will see the lighted streets, new buildings - dormitories and academic buildings I am sure that in the future special Vladivostok, as evidenced by his whole story. He is worthy of the big projects! And our job is to make it as comfortable as possible for residents to enable them to realize their potential, build a career, starting a family, buying a home. "

According to the mayor, over the years of his administration succeeded thing: to return to the population of Vladivostok faith in their own strength. "Five years ago most of us were eternal skeptics did not believe in bridges, or in large-scale construction on the island, and today we see - really a lot of construction has just begun", - said Igor Pushkarev.

He immediately declared such a project that could forever change the lives of Vladivostok. It is about VKAD - Vladivostok ring road, which will connect the city center, low water bridge and the island of St. Helena. Anyone who wants to be the center of the country, without wasting time in traffic jams and congestion will get that opportunity. "It is very important for the automobile city", - said Igor Pushkarev.

"We have begun a program of professional housing managers, school" house manager "holds regular sessions on the most pressing issues, those that concern the majority of citizens, the most troubled housing sector. Our task - to create the perfect municipal management company. And while conducting repair of facades, roofs, retaining walls, stairs, elevators, repair and install new ones, continue to the planned implementation of the program by lighting the city streets. Until 2017 all municipal boiler houses will be converted to gas by 2015 - all waste water will go through the treatment plant. I believe that the city has ever refused last-minute housekeeping. "

Igor Pushkarev, like the rest of the candidates were asked two questions. The first was the position in kindergarten for four-year kid. The mayor said that this fall is all the children of this age will be provided with places in kindergartens, "And I dream that Vladivostok returned to the number of kindergartens, which was here in Soviet times, and even surpassed it."

The second question concerned the playground at Russian, 35. "The children loiter around, there is no place to play" - complained asker. The head said that the work is planned and Russian, 35 included in the list of 40 addresses where the sites will be established in the near future beyond History. "Of course I would like to see these sites were in every yard, but this requires systematic work immediately realize it will not work - just not enough money. But work in this direction is not stopped ", - assured the audience Igor Pushkarev.

Completed the head of Vladivostok by saying: "We have done a lot, but you need even more. I feel the strength to continue begun, so I'm here in front of you, who have given me 5 years ago, a great honor. I decided to go for a second term, because together we are able to any problems! "

However, after this (the current head of the administration played the last of four candidates present themselves) gathered did not let him fall asleep with new and emerging issues. So the first episode of the primaries for Igor Pushkarev has turned into an extraordinary meeting with voters.

Опубликовано:   17-05-2013, 09:20      |      Категория:  eng news

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