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In Vladivostok, the start of the presidential race

In Vladivostok, the start of the presidential race Photo: Anatoly Filatov

Today, May 16 on the campus of Palo on the island of Russian was the first step of pre-selection of candidates for the post of Vladivostok from the party "United Russia".

Participants in internal party election began Pavel Serebryakov, Alex Kletskin, Dmitry Tsarev, Marina Shemilina and acting head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev. The latter, on the nomination secured the support of a record number of public organizations of Primorsky Territory: for his candidacy were more than 90 organizations, in other words - the more than thirty thousand people.

For the first time in Vladivostok, the candidate of the party "United Russia" is selected as an open format. In the number of electors included not only members of the party, but also representatives of the All-Russia People's Front. Within 5 days - 16171822 and 23 May, they will hold a rating vote: each candidate will receive from one to five points. As a result, the two leaders are determined, of which at the end of July at the regional conference of United Russia will elect a single candidate.

Primaries began with the Soviet area. Each of the four candidates present themselves (Marina Shemilina could not attend today's meeting) had 10 minutes to present their own program, and 10 minutes to answer the two questions posed by the audience. Questions were accepted in writing before the performances - it just had to drop the completed form in the box at the stand of the candidate.

At the suggestion of the Regional Council of the seaside supporters of the party "United Russia", on behalf of whom the audience welcomed Christina Yatsenko, in parallel with the internal party vote, it was decided to hold a "People's Examination." As independent experts were ordinary townspeople Thus, today, the number was 627. They are, according Yatsenko, should express their own attitudes to the programs of all the candidates, because the purpose of the "People's Expertise" - to determine the candidate who will articulate and defend the interests of the majority of residents of Vladivostok. In addition, it is expected that the results of voting national experts will be taken into account in the overall program, which will go to the election of the candidate of the party.

Speeches of the candidates have done without sensationalism. Candidates from the business abutted on the knowledge of the needs of the city and the distance traveled, the successful experience of the election campaign (Pavel Serebryakov), grafted from childhood moral family values (Tsar). It is noteworthy that the scene is constantly heard already promises to continue working in the program that started the efforts of the incumbent Igor Pushkarev: to create and maintain a proper state parks and recreation areas, to develop the tourism potential and build new neighborhoods.

Not surprisingly, after the performance of Igor Pushkarev citizens literally took the mayor "in the ring": they all wanted to get an answer to the concerns of their personal issues, mainly dealing with the housing sector. Settling living in dilapidated housing, repair of elevators, creating playgrounds - in fact, the primaries have turned to Igor Pushkarev in another meeting with voters turned out according to the mayor, he was a great honor five years ago. "Such questions I get asked almost every day when I meet with the residents of Vladivostok. People are concerned above all that keeps them comfortable and happy living. Overall, the primaries were good, although a little harsh, but it's even mobilizes. So I'm already preparing for the next, "- commented on the results of today's procedures Igor Pushkarev.

Tomorrow, May 17 the primaries are coming Frunze district residents. The event starts - at 17:00.

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