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In the "Best friendly yard" from the head of Vladivostok was not losers

In the \"Best friendly yard\" from the head of Vladivostok was not losers Photo: Press-service of the Vladivostok

Today, municipal workers install a basketball stand in the yard on the street Internationally, 53. Its residents have participated on April 27 during a work day in a citywide contest "The most friendly yard," declared the mayor Igor Pushkarev.

They failed to become the biggest winners, but for the active participation and diligence head of Vladivostok has decided to encourage the yard and give it to ask the children themselves - the basketball rack. The other day installation is over and the children can play basketball.

Recall the winner of the contest "The most friendly yard" was the house on the street Cheremukhovaya, 8. Its residents are massively Subotnik and refurbish local area and thus won the match. The prize of the mayor Igor Pushkarev - children's play center, rides and sand patio, horizontal bar, swings and benches. All this in these days in the installation process.

It should be noted that the work of the jury was not easy: almost all the yards, which have submitted applications for the competition, well prepared and had a Saturday. Residents of homes came together, cleaned and landscaped their yards, painted curbs and benches, planted trees, shrubs and flowers. Some courts even drew posters - "We - the close-knit," wrote the poems. Yet the Commission had to pick a winner.

After reviewing all the photographs provided by the Commission, the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev decided - in addition to the award three more amicable amicable yard. The yard on the street Magnitogorsk, 13 will receive a children's slide, yard on the street Avramenko, 15 - swing. A courtyard at the International, 53 - at the request of residents - the basketball rack.

"Playground was a good incentive to participate in the clean-up. Participated in the competition 25 yards, won the district court on the First of , - Said the Mayor Igor Pushkarev - Contenders for victory had a few, so decided, in addition to the main prize, to establish and encouraging - three court receive gifts for their activism. wish that next year participated in such events is not 25 but, for example, 250 yards " .

Опубликовано:   16-05-2013, 20:20      |      Категория:  eng news

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