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Future shipbuilders have visited the factory "Star"

Future shipbuilders have visited the factory \"Star\"

Students and teachers of the department of shipbuilding and ocean engineering, marine energy, and Automation Engineering School Palo visited the newly built modern shipbuilding complex "Star."

Future professionals with interest in how the one of the largest plants of the Far East "Star," and with that, how to change the specifics of building ships and ships with the commissioning of a new automatic production line of Block hull naval complex "Star."

The excursion began with a briefing on safety - an integral part of any visit to a major hazard. Inspection of the enterprise began with the Museum of the plant. Here, carefully collected and stored documents and photographs depicting the formation and development of the enterprise. Then the group went to the shop number 10 with my own eyes I saw a unique salvage complex, including the transfer floating dock, slipway and transborder transmission, which allows the court to lift and move the dock weight up to 13500 tons Docking camera allows to launch vessels up to 140 m, a width of up to 18 m and a draft of up to 7 m

In the fitting-shop number 10 students acquainted with basic manufacturing equipment, construction features of the vessel in relation to the possibilities of this workshop, equipped with two overhead cranes with lifting capacity of 50 tonnes Then the students were taken to the memorial "house" where visitors traditionally done business group photo. The culmination of the tour was a visit to the site of the object "Shipbuilding Complex" Star. "Here, the representative of a construction company carrying out construction of the facility, said that the preparatory work before installing the automatic line cutting steel and manufacturing units courts.

As noted by the students after the tour, such trips are useful and instructive, as it allows to get acquainted with the test equipment and production process, and dialogue in the technical language with qualified engineers identified the plant for their potential employer. Indeed, some of these guys will come to the shipyard for the production practice in a month.

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The coal industry in Primorye is saved
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In the future, more than 2 million tons will be allocated to the planned construction of the Ussuri CHP......
Vladivostok will be temporarily restricted movement trolleybus number 11
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Today, from 13 and up to about 17 hours for the repair of manholes near the house on the street. Russian, 55 will be stopped trolley movement......
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Их участниками стали более сотни школьники в возрасте от 12 до 17 лет из всех регионов Дальнего Востока (за исключением Чукотского автономного округа). Соревнования призваны воспитывать патриотизм и...
Savings Bank as the best bank in Russia by the magazine Global Finance
2-04-2013, 06:10, eng news
The winners were determined by criteria such as growth in assets, profitability, strategic relationships, customer service, competitive pricing and innovative products......
Three people were injured in a
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On the highway Khabarovsk - Vladivostok an accident involving three vehicles - "Lexus", "Mazda Demio" and "Suzuki Escudo". All the cars were moving in the same direction. Because of a drunk driver...
Lover cucumber detained in Primorye
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April 23 in the area of border services in the area of the village residents were arrested Posiet Primorye, hunted sea cucumber. The poachers were detained by border guards in the boat guards found...
In Vladivostok, searching for a man who shot mopedista
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Bailiffs caught the debtor for the manufacture of drugs
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"Sovcomflot" agreed to enter into a consortium of "Rosneft" and Gazprombank, which will build a shipyard "Zvezda" in the Primorye Territory. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Board of...
Single duty dispatcher service (EDDS)
22-07-2013, 19:30, eng news
administration. Single duty dispatcher service (EDDS) Vladivostok Administration announced the start of overhaul of the heating on CTP L-26. At the time these works in the period from July 24 to...

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