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Activists from Vladivostok asked to help a shelter for dogs

Activists from Vladivostok asked to help a shelter for dogs

The initiative group "Helping Together" reiterates its call to all caring citizens of Vladivostok and Primorsky Krai.

May 25 planned another trip to the shelter of homeless animals in Kiparisovo. Remember that at the moment there are more than 200 inhabitants tailed, and pulls the shelter heroic woman - Zoe Andryushchenko.

"I would like to thank all those who helped us through this cold and long winter, made a trip with us, transfer money, handed feed and stuff, and the guys in my group for their assistance in organizing, training camp and the trip itself" - Says the founder of the group "Help TOGETHER" Oksana Kudashova.

- Now spring, the ground has thawed, and we are once again on their own will attempt to rebuild the shelter - at the moment, more than half of the pupils are still without kennels and cages. Each of us would have thought - oh well, they are the same animal can sleep in the snow. But none of us will drive a cold snowy night your pet to sleep in the open air. If we call ourselves human beings, and are expected to behave like humans. But people tend to traits such as compassion, experience and mutual assistance. After all, homeless animals are not to blame for the fact that they do not have a loving family, but they also want to live and be loved. So let us be humane and each contributed his bit of help.

By May 25 we are collecting funds for building materials for the construction of kennels and cages, as well as animal feed and cereals. We would be grateful for any input.

How to help: 1) "Hungry phone" Beeline 8-967-959-12-55 on which you can enroll any amount, just like on your phone in any payment terminal, a room attached to a credit card, 2) Savings Card 4276850054839789.

Who wants to pass any drug product or assistance, please call 8-908-993-8881 or 8-902-481-6200 - Nina.

And on all the issues and proposals:

89502816800 - Oksana

295-80-20 - Marina

89502845686 - Anna

The group at classmates

Опубликовано:   16-05-2013, 18:20      |      Категория:  eng news

Primorye were awarded the President of Russia
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In Primorye, police arrested a man robbed
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The victim of a swindler in Primorye was detained in the detention center. Moreover, a large sum of money from a man stole a police officer on duty. Rascal and police go to court crime was committed...
Famous in Primorye surazhevskih vegetables become 2 times more
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In 2013 it is planned to reconstruct and put into operation three hectares of greenhouses - FSUE "Far" is being upgraded......
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As RIA «VladNews» the press service of Rosselkhoznadzor for Primorsky Krai, in the course of the state veterinary control for entering the Russian Federation in animal products, veterinary...
Native veterans in Vladivostok will join the ranks of the Immortal shelf next year
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One of the most exciting events for vladivostoktsev Victory Day was the march of the Immortal Regiment. The following year the number of participants in the march were expecting much more. (PHOTOS)......
Bailiff in the capital of Primorye will stand trial
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Investigators in the Primorsky Territory completed the investigation of the criminal case against former bailiff. He is charged with forgery and embezzlement of money. Police officer to manage the...
Tuesday Vladivostok possible light precipitation
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Дело в том, что в этот вечер в краевом центре нашла свое продолжение полюбившаяся многим горожанам и гостям приморской столицы акция «Ночь музеев». А проходила она в зданиях музея им. Арсеньева....
But the need to refill fuel his scooter
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But the need to refill fuel his scooter ended for the debtor to unpleasant consequences: now the «iron pony can buy anyone. The court decision about the debt in the amount of USD 9 thousand rubles in...

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