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In honor of the family guests hospital number 3 in Vladivostok will talk about partnerships childbirth

In honor of the family guests hospital number 3 in Vladivostok will talk about partnerships childbirth

The upcoming May 15 will be remembered among hospital patients and number 3 in Vladivostok special atmosphere. In honor of the International Day of Families will be held here succession of events.

As the head physician of the hospital Svetlana Sahaidachnoho will celebrate a solemn statement moms and their babies, born May 11 and 12. As part of the ceremony the happy parents expect congratulations from the staff of the hospital and a gift from the staff of the Department of Pervomaisky district registrar. On the occasion of the International Day of Families is the first document - birth certificate - will be awarded to their bits and pieces right in the walls of the institution where they were born.

Continue the celebration event in the prenatal maternity hospital № 3. The meeting participants will be offered a banquet and presentation of the hospital. Expectant moms and dads talk about the work of the institutions of the new methods used by professionals, and the services that they are willing to provide to patients. In this case, special attention will be paid to the theme of "partnership of labor" associated with the presence of the birth of a child by his father. Doctors will answer all questions, and those parents who have already received a similar experience, will be able to share experiences and advice.

The program of celebrations will also include results of the contest of family photos, announced last month. To participate in the voting unfolded in the pages of the official website of the hospital number 3 were allowed 44 exposures. The winners, scored maximum points in the competitive categories, and the authors of the most memorable, in the opinion of the jury, images will be rewarded with gifts.

A complete series of celebrations of the International Family Day, planting fruit trees registered in the courtyard of the institution. As noted by Svetlana Sagaidachniy, these seedlings will become the personification of life and a symbol of procreation. By the way, the history of planting of greenery with the participation of married couples has a third hospital for years.

Solemn statement moms and kids, followed by registration officers of the newborn Pershamaiski district registry office on Wednesday, May 15 in the conference room KGBUZ "Vladivostok clinical maternity hospital № 3" (street Kalinina, 55). Start time - 12:00.

Holiday meeting with summarizing the photo competition on the International Family Day will be held on Wednesday, May 15 in the conference hall of the women's clinic KGBUZ "Vladivostok clinical maternity hospital number 3." Start time - 15 hours.

Complete triumph of planting fruit trees registered in the "family garden", "third" hospital. Tentative start time shares - 16 hours.

After the event, everyone will be able to visit the facility with a guided tour.

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