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Regions of Russia were afraid of school uniforms

Regions of Russia were afraid of school uniforms

Russian regions did not dare to assume the powers of the invention of a new school uniform, which is ordered to make a mandatory President Vladimir Putin.

In the regions concerned dissatisfaction of parents - an estimated one set of forms of domestic production will cost 3000 rubles, and will need several of them for each child. But the alleged dissatisfaction does not lead to a revision of Putin's initiative and the ONF - just all the requirements of the request timid regional authorities will register at the federal level, told Itar-Tass deputy chairman of the Education Committee Irina Manuylova.

On the website of the government of the Russian Federation Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets handed out a number of indications. In particular, the Ministry of Education instructed to ensure the introduction of school uniforms. Also, to elaborate the concept of a single course in the history of Russia, to introduce the post of Ombudsman for Persons with Disabilities and to develop standards of care for the employees.

Ministry of Education, Federal Service and the Ministry of Industry "together with senior officials of the subjects of the Russian Federation to take comprehensive measures for the establishment and administration in state and municipal educational institutions of mandatory dress code of students (school uniform), including submission to the State Duma of the bill."

Putin, voicing the idea, told the regions to decide which form is necessary for students - requirements vary, for example depending on the climate and traditions. However, the States were not ready for the responsibility. How to tell the deputy chairman of the Education Committee Irina Manuylova, then what kind of uniforms should be in the wardrobe of every Russian schoolchild would have spelled out in federal law.

Manuylova explained: "The deputies from different regions of the State Duma in-law asked to specify the standards of appearance of pupils - said the MP. - They fear that the locals would react negatively to a school uniform, and they want to look the student was registered in the federal law." The fact that the shape and can not be administered after the orders of the president, apparently, is not discussed.

The State Duma has already established a working group. It is expected that at the next meeting on May 14 it will detect all the requirements for clothing. "Variability we keep: for it can be a boy pants, shirt, and on top - vest or jacket. Girls - different styles skirt or trousers, vest or jacket to choose from, or the same base with a blouse. Though perhaps it will replace all sundress. define and on the number of sets of clothes " - Said Manuylova.

April 23 at the State Duma received a bill designed by deputies from the Popular Front Olga Timofeeva and Michael Starshinov, the return of school uniforms.

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