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Vladivostoktsy who attended a charity photo exhibition, can save a life

Vladivostoktsy who attended a charity photo exhibition, can save a life
Charity photo exhibition "It's so simple - try to save someone's life" will open in Vladivostok on these holidays.

As the press service of the PGOM behalf VK Arsenyev, each visitor can not only enjoy the beautiful works, but also to purchase any favorite, knowing that his purchase gives someone the hope for a happy childhood.

Photo exhibition organizer Charity Fund "The cultural and physical development." The exhibition is dedicated to the International Children's Day.

The purpose of the event - to draw attention to the problems of adult pediatric oncology in our city, as well as to collect donations during the exhibition, which will be entirely focused on the treatment of cancer patients.

The show will be attended by novice and professional photographers from many cities in Russia, which makes the show even more unique. Topics covered most diverse, each work reflects the inner world of the author is personal.

Help sick children can be, acquiring work or dropping money into established specifically for this box, piggy bank. Thus, each visitor will participate in the life of boys and girls who are forced to fight for their lives with a dangerous and insidious disease.

At the end of the exhibition, all reports on the funds received will be publicized on the website of the fund, as well as transferred to partners portal "Vladmama" charity "Save the Life."

The exhibition opens on May 11 in the museum and exhibition center of Primorsky State Museum of Vladimir Arsenyev Klavdievich (St. Peter the Great, 6) at 1100.

The exhibition will run from 11 to 30 May.

For information call. 241 - 11 - 73

Опубликовано:   10-05-2013, 13:40      |      Категория:  eng news

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