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French businessmen to make money in the name Primorye

French businessmen to make money in the name Primorye Photo by press service of the Primorsky Territory

Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky met with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France to Russia Jean de Gliniasty.

The parties discussed a number of issues relating to investment cooperation between France and the Primorsky Territory, educational and cultural exchanges.

Vladimir Miklushevsky noted that Primorsky Territory is a unique geographical position. In an hour's flight from his home to 400 million people - is a huge potential for business development. The large distance between France and Primorje - not an obstacle to investment. Thus, in 2012 the largest investor in Primorye was Germany.

Jean de Gliniasty told the head of the region's plans to soon hold at the French Embassy in Moscow, the presentation of the State Program on development of Russian Far East and Trans-Baikal for the representatives of the French business. Vladimir Miklushevsky noted that accepting the invitation in person to tell the French businessmen about the opportunities offered by today Primorsky Krai.

In addition, the parties discussed the possibility of cooperation Maritime and France in the field of education and science. Jean de Gliniasty noted the uniqueness created in Vladivostok, Far Eastern Federal University, who, in his words, "combines the traditions of European and Asian education."

"I believe that we need to develop cooperation between the seaside and French scientists. Primarily they may be interested in the direction of Oriental Studies, Marine Biology and production of biological additives from marine animals. In this direction, our scientists have a very interesting development" - Said Vladimir Miklushevsky.

Discussing the prospects for cooperation in the field of culture, the governor said that in Primorye is preparing to open two large object - the theater of opera and ballet and concert and sports complex. According to Vladimir Miklushevsky, they can give concerts French artists of the highest level.

"Cultural cooperation is certainly an important part of attracting investment and the development of business relations between France and the Primorsky Territory" - Said Vladimir Miklushevsky.

Опубликовано:   10-05-2013, 11:20      |      Категория:  eng news

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