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20-year-old arrested for corruption of Primorye 4-year-old son's girlfriend

20-year-old arrested for corruption of Primorye 4-year-old son\

In the duty of the OMVD Russia Nakhodka was reported by a local resident that against her 4-year-old great-grandson committed acts of a sexual nature.

According to the press service of the regional police department, to the scene immediately the police arrived. On suspicion of a crime detained previously convicted 20-year-old granddaughter's roommate applicant. The young man rushed to the police department. Police trying to find out all the circumstances of the incident. Material submitted to the Investigation Committee.

Опубликовано:   9-05-2013, 12:20      |      Категория:  eng news

Administration of Vladivostok regained the sea to the island Popov
21-05-2013, 19:20, eng news
Motor vessel will depart tomorrow from 30th berth in 14:00 return flight to Vladivostok appointed to 15:40. Tickets will be sold on a flight in a temporary sea passenger terminal, which was built in...
In Primorye, hero of the occasion they decided life right at the holiday table
11-03-2013, 05:00, eng news
A criminal case against a resident Dalnerechensk suspected of committing a crime against a woman's life......
Wanted criminal killed in Vladivostok, a woman and her young child
29-07-2013, 13:15, eng news
Guilty could face a life sentence until death......
The Fifth Appellate Court, situated
23-07-2013, 16:03, eng news
The Fifth Appellate Court, located in Vladivostok, in the next few days to consider the appeal, LLC "Pacifico Marine" on the decision of the Arbitration Court of Primorye, rastorgnuvshego contract...
Two years of probation was the debtor in Primorye
8-04-2013, 11:50, eng news
Bailiff in Spassk-Far instituted enforcement proceedings against the debtor. He had to 73.5 thousand rubles, and for a long time hiding from the bailiffs. Debtor in Primorye sentenced to two years...
The first eco-tunnel will be built in a national
31-08-2013, 20:16, eng news
The first eco-tunnel will be built in a national park, "Land of Leopard" in the Primorsky region, said Friday the head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Ivanov at a meeting of the...
Vladivostok fell to 15th in the Top 50 attractive cities in Russia
22-05-2013, 09:20, eng news
Khabarovsk - on the eighteenth place. In addition to us, from DFO rating has got only Yakutsk......
The real situation on the roads still scares my statistics,
13-08-2013, 17:34, eng news
The real situation on the roads still scares my statistics, since the beginning of the year there were more than 280 traffic accidents involving minors, which resulted in 10 children and teenagers...
In partisan local resident tried to rape daughter concubine
6-08-2013, 14:45, eng news
Investigators in Primorye a criminal against a local resident born in 1969. He is suspected of attempted rape. The rapist arrested in guerrilla August 4 this year in the yard of the house on Pushkin...
The controversial statue will appear in Vladivostok on September 1
13-08-2013, 22:45, eng news
The controversial statue will appear in Vladivostok on September 1 Poplar alley. Primorya24 correspondent spoke with the author of the monument. "During the blacksmith exhibition, which was held at...

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