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The tourism potential of Primorsky Krai show at the international exhibition PITE

The tourism potential of Primorsky Krai show at the international exhibition PITE
One of the main stand XVII Pacific International Tourism Exhibition PITE, which will be held from 17 to 19 May 2013 in the sports complex Palo campus, will be the exposition of Primorsky Krai. It will showcase the natural, historical, and other features of the region, providing its high tourism potential.

According to
Press Center XVII Pacific International Tourism Exhibition PITE,
exposure Primorye conceived as a center of the exhibition, a logical starting point. That is why the organizers are paying special attention to the visual part and the content of the stand. For example, visitors will be presented with the key terms of tourism potential projects, among them - on the island of Russian Oceanarium, gaming zone, the Far Eastern Marine Reserve, sports and technical complex "Maritime Ring" (PRIMRING) and others.

It is worth noting that today its participation in the exhibition confirmed more than 110 companies and organizations from the Primorsky Territory, Russian regions and foreign countries. Foreign Exposure segment will consist of representatives of the tourism industry of Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Slovenia and the United States. They will present a wide range of tourist services - from hotels and features an integrated tourist service to the medical tourism and education.

Recall that the XVII Pacific International Travel Fair PITE is one of the key events of the week Seaside tourism and recreation. Along with the exposure in the sports complex campus Palo (Fr. Russian) will be held series of interesting events: the International Forum "The development of integration processes in the tourism business in the Russian Far East and Asia Pacific," "Festival of national cuisines," Coffee Cup among travel companies, demonstration performance sports clubs and art groups. Expected to be very popular to use the free guided tours of the campus of Palo, which will go to anyone. By tradition, some companies will compete among the guests tickets turputevku and gifts. Admission to the exhibition is free.

In addition, during the week of tourism and recreation-based yacht club "7 feet" will be the fifth International Boat Show "Vladivostok Boat Show-2013" and the championship on cooking steaks amateur "Master Steak-2013."

All the activities of the Maritime Week tourism and recreation share a common goal - to promote the tourist attraction of Primorsky Territory for the development of domestic and inbound tourism. Organizer of the XVII Pacific International Tourism Exhibition PITE is the Department of International Cooperation and Development Tourism of Primorsky Krai.

Опубликовано:   8-05-2013, 19:40      |      Категория:  eng news

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