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Aviaputevki in Russia may rise by 20%

Aviaputevki in Russia may rise by 20%

Tourism market is missing about 25 aircraft, representing approximately 15% of the total number of aircraft involved under the charter of the program, the newspaper "Vedomosti" referring to the top manager of a large air brokers.

The deficit was caused by the bankruptcy "Kuban Airlines" at the end of 2012 and the suspension of the air operator certificate Red Wings at the beginning of 2013. Both airlines have been major players in the charter market.

In this aviation market continues to grow. The volume of traffic in the I quarter of this year, according to the Federal Air Transport Agency, increased by 17.7%.

Because of the shortage of aircraft airlines change their departure time. The most acute shortage of aircraft will be felt in June to the beginning of the holiday season, the magazine writes.

Shortage of aircraft is not much impact on the cost of tickets. According to a top manager at the popular resorts of the European average is around 500 euros: growth - 10% compared to last year. Inflation component - 7-8%, and speculative - only 2%.

Significantly prices charters can climb in the winter season. Possible price increases and on scheduled flights - up to 20%.

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