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Maritimes basketball "move" on the Russian island of

Maritimes basketball "move" on the Russian island of
Edward Sandler, general manager of FC "Spartak-Primorye":

- Everyone is obvious that the changes overdue. Perhaps, for many fans, this news came as a surprise, because we have three seasons of waitingOpening KSK "Fetisov Hall" on the satellite. But the option to Palo looks interesting for many reasons. First, it is ready, and we can confidently talk about the future, to the same guide Palo two hands for the functional use of the sports facilities. Second, with the emergence of plans to create a team of CHL, and, provided that CSC will open, suppose even in October, I am 100% sure that the arena will not be ready to meet the needs of the two clubs in terms of fast installation and terms of the quality of infrastructure and operational synchronization of calendars. This will require a minimum of one year of service on the run-in in all directions. And it is logical that priority will be given to the hockey team. We look at it from the side. If things develop positively reflect on the conduct of a pilot CSC 1-2 games per season, because our new equipment will allow to use it anywhere, even to build a deck on the street.

- What is now an arena now in Palo?

- As for the arena itself in Palo, I was amazed at how it is modern, as well as the entire campus, built on world standards. By and large, now it's just a huge hall the size of 60x70 meters, where you can build whatever your heart desires. We have the opportunity to build a site to suit our needs and tastes. Today, technology allows it, the space of the hall will be limited to special curtains to create the right atmosphere and light, will be laid out mobile flooring, installed basketball farms and stands. Recently, I personally went to the United States and signed direct contracts with manufacturers. Arena already has a comfortable locker rooms, coaching rooms, cafes, restaurants, gyms. 5 * hotels where they lived presidency of APEC, are located within walking distance, that all teams will like. Also outside the arena is a multi-level parking for 500 cars. I showed the president arena RSE AV Krasnenkov, he was ecstatic. Also able to show her Sergey Panov, whose opinion I authoritatively. After their positive reactions confidence in the decision became even more.

- Do not become a problem for the fans to get to the Russian?

- Of course, we all have for many years used to go to basketball walk into the city center and 30 minutes today, not all causes positive emotions. But I urge fans to realize these changes are needed today the club. The club will organize a transfer for the fans, and to the campus buses urban routes. But the owners of cars and did not amount to a new way of working, because they remember congestion by 30 minutes before and after the game, the lack of parking spaces, etc. I am sure we all quickly get used to the new route.

- The problem of attracting fans will still stand sharp?

- Objectively, all these years, the number of fans of the club in the "Olympian" did not exceed 1200. And we still have serious work to create a great success in the new arena. In this regard, we have a good opportunity to "infect" the basketball Palo students, and their new campus in the order of 30000. We are really looking forward to this audience, and it will work systematically, because such a rare leisure time in the campus. Over time, students are fans grow up, graduate high school and will remain with the club for many years, associating with the youth team. I am confident in the success of this strategy. It is important to say to all the fans that this is still a temporary solution, as the Governor of the Primorsky Territory Vladimir Miklushevsky supported the initiative of the construction of University Sports Complex "Spartacus," a new palace for team sports. This year, it will begin to design and complete the project planned by the end of 2015. This arena will be like a sports palaces in which the play "Triumph" and "Sparta & K" are visible. Now we are actively working. We discuss the place of its location. This helps us to Vice-Governor Vladimir Balan. I am confident 2-3 seasons fly by and all we will have a real home. Just want to answer the question in the minds of all fans of the situation around the Russian championship next year. Primorsky Krai Administration and Management of the club is doing everything to keep the "Spartak-Primorye" in the elite. No decision has been taken, and we look to the future with optimism, fulfilling all of the requirements posed by the leadership of the relevant time and leagues, and these requirements, consider objective.

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