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"Arguments and Facts - Primorje" and radio "Lemma" will be treated to Vladivostok "Soldier's porridge"

\"Arguments and Facts - Primorje\" and radio \"Lemma\" will be treated to Vladivostok \"Soldier\

Popular media will make a delicious contribution to the celebration of the 68th anniversary of the Great Victory.

May 9 square Fighters for Soviet Power "AIF-Primorye" and radio "Lemma" hold a rally "Soldier's porridge," the townspeople have grown fond during last year's May celebrations.

All visitors will be free to enjoy the traditional soldier's porridge and sweet tea from this field kitchen. For veterans provided another nice addition to the treat victorious: right on the square, they will be able to subscribe free of charge to the newspaper "Arguments and Facts".

Partner shares issued network of shops "People's Kitchen." Try the "Soldier's porridge" will be immediately after the parade (approximately - with 11:30).

At the same time, work will begin on the square dance floor in a retro style, well-organized radio "Lemma" and the weekly "Arguments and Facts - Primorye." Here you can hear the popular melodies of the thirties and forties, performed by a professional accordionist, dance with the actors in military uniforms from World War II to win gifts from "Sovcombank."

Read more about the idea creative director told Radio "Lemma" Elena Redkina:

- Victory Day - it's probably the only holiday that is still able to unite the entire country. 9 May we all rejoice together celebrate together remember their grandfathers and great-grandfathers So we decided on this wonderful day to arrange something that would unite and to please people of all generations, from babies to our esteemed veterans. Opted for the familiar Vladivostok action "Soldier's porridge" and the dance floor in a retro style. Thanks to partners who have supported our ideas, thanks to the administration of Vladivostok, which has given us the opportunity to become full participants in the citywide celebrations Everybody is in our field kitchen with a "soldier's porridge," and on our retro dance floor. Let us feast, dance and celebrate the holiday favorite.

Опубликовано:   6-05-2013, 18:20      |      Категория:  eng news

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