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"Run buses past nuclear bombardment, invasion of termites and sandstorms"

\"Run buses past nuclear bombardment, invasion of termites and sandstorms\" Photo: Alexander Vasiliev

IA Primore24 newly published collection of SMS national transport monitoring complaints, thanks,suggestions and absurdities.

It has been over a month since the beginning of the unique SMS- national fleet management service, which was launched by the city administration. Popularity message to the number 25125 is growing every day.

Corr. IA Primore24 interested - what worries residents, bus passengers? Onthey complain? What is unhappy and that, on the contrary, leads them into raptures? After all, every phenomenon in the universe there is an antipode, and if some buses complaints should be an ongoing need, in the end, be the ones who deserve only praise.

All posts are absolutely real, author spelling and punctuation preserved. The numbers of buses and date of departure, we will not publish, so as not to interfere with the regulatory authorities.

The undisputed leader of the past month was epic message, scary and funny at the same time. Here is the text in full:

Ltd. PRIMAVTOBIZNES launched on flight number 85 Mini Bus, past nuclear bombardment and invasion of termites on the outside and inside of a sand storm. It's hard to call any form of transport at all. IT is literally falling apart on the go. Of the seats parallon sticks, wires falling out of the ceiling, dirt, stench, rust.


Dolphin is a device, tucked away under a shelf to calculate allegedly not working

:-) Denunciation Bus: No. 430 IN, Route 55 D. Old, small-comfortable, dirty and also terribly smelly bus! Gee gee gee

driver to drop passengers on the roadway funicular cars clipped, tangled with another driver swearing, ran a red light a few times to create an environment to crash

It is outrageous arrogance, rudeness of drivers who came to make our same rubles from Asian regions. I work on the street every day bespredel.Seychas in 1157 the driver loudly insulted with his usual focus our elderly Russian woman: freak, alkashka (decent lady). She helped to come into a second door, probably dedulki her, but she is not ripe, the door, then closed again. She darted to the first, with the words: "Whatever you do, open up!", And that's got a plausible answer. Stop "Pokrovsky park." It always sad for his compatriots. Not once had witnessed such scenes in buses, not only

Route No. 60 LLC ", Motor Spare," the driver Kochoyan Andranik arranged "road showdown" with another bus on the move stuck his hand out the window and tried to break off a side-view mirror of a competitor, crossed the double solid when overtaking on the way down to the river in the first side dalpressa

40 route bus driver with a young girl having fun in the back seat.


Bus route 98 "ts" and 98 "d." Please, make a stop in the turn to the incinerator between stops "Hospital MIA" and "Naval town." It is very necessary to us, as to these stops to go with the kids away for a long time, it is inconvenient, as well as secure as from the "Ring of Bagration" to "the naval town of" no pedestrian crossing! Please, let us stop at the specified location

Due to the cancellation of ostananovki povarote on snow pad.bolshaya requezt of workers in the p they Moussoro annealing plant back on the old 98k skheme.po where. To the nearest stop by after work Keel hodby.izvenite go hard


Thank you very much from the government for all citizens of Vladivostok for comfortable buses for polite, friendly, young drivers such as the municipal bus route 98 D with the number 803 IN!


I have to complain about myself? From SW. Shulga, Alexander Pavlovich.

Grandma rolled out of the bus, he pretended that nezametil

What a pity that you do not send a cake! Egg on the phone did not send!

Bus 23 and 81 arranged obgonyalki near the bus station and the bus stop. Supermarket. In this case, a very happy

Опубликовано:   6-05-2013, 16:20      |      Категория:  eng news

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