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U.S. Navy ship arrives in Vladivostok

U.S. Navy ship arrives in Vladivostok
U.S. Navy ship - the destroyer of the U.S. Navy guided missiles "Lassen" (USS LASSEN (DDG 82)), under the command of captain second rank of the U.S. Navy Scott McClelland - arrives in Vladivostok. It is reported by the U.S. Consulate General in Vladivostok.

"The crew is looking forward to his arrival in Vladivostok, as the sailors know that their visit falls on Victory Day, one of the biggest holidays in Russia, - says Sylvia Curran, U.S. Consul General in Vladivostok. - These visits are very important because they as a reminder of the fact that during the Second World War, our people and our army united against a common threat and triumphed over the common enemy. Vladivostok has played a huge role in this victory, because through it passed almost half of goods by the Lend-Lease program, and in the city there are places and monuments reminiscent of this collaboration. "

Sunset destroyer "Lassen" Vladivostok - an unofficial visit, which aims at the development of cultural relations between the fleets and the people of the U.S The crew will be able to relax as well as get acquainted with the people and sights of the city. Planned a number of social events, meetings with colleagues from the Russian Pacific Fleet, the cultural program. Sailors "Lassen" will visit pediatric patients Onco-Hematology Center, visit the children's rehabilitation center "Sail of Hope", and then take his students "a return visit" on board the ship.

We add that the sailors of the USS will participate in celebrations of Victory Day. This is not the first time that representatives of the naval forces of the United States celebrate winning the Coastal land, taking part in various programs, competitions, meetings with veterans in parades in the central square of the city, and so on.

Опубликовано:   6-05-2013, 13:40      |      Категория:  eng news

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