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In Vladivostok, summed up the competition for journalism students

In Vladivostok, summed up the competition for journalism students

In Vladivostok, summed up the town's outdoor competition of creative works of journalism.

Recall that the organizers of the contest was "Youth Resource Center" and Management of Youth Administration of Vladivostok.

For the competition was sent more than two dozen works.

"Those wishing to participate was much more, but one of the main conditions of the contest was that it could not engage students of specialized professions - journalism, publishing, - Said a member of the competition committee, Andrei Volkov. - Creative activity was shown by the guys from student groups, students, customs and young wordsmiths of the youth magazine of Artyom. "

According to the decision of the competition committee winner in the "Publications. Individual work" has become a student of the 4th year Palo, editor in chief of seaside student groups "His peace" Tatiana Malena. The victory of the collective works of celebrated edition of the youth magazine "ProMolodezh" from Artem.

Опубликовано:   6-05-2013, 13:20      |      Категория:  eng news

Korean Consul visited the theater of opera and ballet in Vladivostok
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Consul of the Republic of Korea in Vladivostok, Kim Il-hwan met with Director General of Maritime Theatre of Opera and Ballet Vladimir Neporozhny. Seaside Theatre of Opera and Ballet is planning to...
Investors will be offered to develop the field of hospitality concessional
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With the construction of hotels promise to lower taxes on income, land and real estate, simplified approval procedure......
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Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev called for the developer of the first car of the state. The choice fell on the Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Institute (NAMI)....
In Primorye, the act taken
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The damage caused by illegal cutting counted. A criminal case under Article 260 of the Criminal Code (illegal felling of trees and shrubs)......
Destroyed in the capital of Primorye stairs will restore contractors
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During the meeting at City Hall in Vladivostok held on April 11 Igor Pushkarev, raised the issue of the continuation of extensive work in the seaside capital of stairs. Repair of stairs in the...
Came for duty - have found the accused in the crime
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When making executive actions bailiffs border area found a man who is wanted. Together with the police, he was arrested. Police officers detained a man who is wanted bailiffs went to the house of a...
As a result of a quarrel father struck his son with a knife. Upon
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Domestic quarrel in Primorye led to the killing of
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September 5 this year at home in the seaside village of Fishermen found the body of a man with signs of violent death as a stab wound in the neck. In Primorye, killed a man on this fact by the...
In Primorye, illegal immigrants from China were engaged in illegal logging
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18 foreigners offenders identified officers of the Immigration Control Department of the Federal Migration Service of Russia for the Primorye Territory (DEC FMS Russia for the Primorye Territory)...

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