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Primorye already complaining about the "attack" ticks

Primorye already complaining about the "attack" ticks
The Primorsky Territory, as of April 30 reported 139 cases of handling the country's population with sucking ticks, the number of applied - 34 children.

Department of Epidemiology in the Primorsky
, Cases of sucking mites account for 21 administrative areas, including in the cities of Ussuriisk, Artem, Vladivostok, Spassk-and partisan, Dalnegorsk, Lesozavodsk, Nakhodka, Lazo, Pozharsky, Shkotovsky, Olginskiy, Kavalerovskii, Khankaisky, Chernigov, Michael, October, Khasan, Kirov, Yakovlevskiy, Nadezhda areas.

In 2012. for the same period filed a tick suction - 146 people, including 51 children.

When visiting the forest zone, garden plots, it is necessary to have a sports type clothing: a shirt should have long sleeves and be tucked into pants, trousers ends - in socks and boots, head and neck closed with a scarf. Conduct regular self-examinations of the interaction clothing, scalp and exposed areas of the body.

In the case of sucking mite - as quickly as possible to remove it. The bite disinfect any suitable means for this purpose (70% alcohol, 5% iodine, cologne). After removing the tick should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Withdrawn mite is recommended to hand over to the laboratory where conducted rapid surveys to determine their infection.

On the territory of the region, these studies by 18 laboratories in the cities Vladivostok, Artem, Ussuriisk, Spassk-Nakhodka, Dal'negorsk, Dal'nerechensk, Arsenyev, and areas: Kirov, Red, Pozharsky Chuguivs'kyi.

On the territory of Vladivostok in the festive days of May will be operating the following medical institutions that perform rapid study of ticks:

- FBUZ "Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in the Primorsky Territory", virology laboratory, located at Vladivostok, ul. Strelnikova, 3.

During holidays, running 3.4 in May 2013. from 900 to 1700. (05/01/1320513g. - do not work), tel. 49-67-06 2.

If the tick is not subject to study, then at 7-10 days after the tick suction in the virology lab can be taken to study the blood from a vein for the detection of antibodies to the virus of tick-borne encephalitis.

- "Firma" clinic "Yaroslav", Vladivostok, ul. Rural, 1

The holidays are open daily, seven days a week from 900 to 2000., It is advisable to call first by phone. 44-14-52 2.

Fence and blood test for antibodies to the virus of tick-borne encephalitis is carried out only 030513g. from 900 to 2000.

- Open Diagnostic center "Laboratory diagnosis - Asclepius", Vladivostok, ul. Gamarnika, 3 "B" Street. Svetlanskaya on 113.

The holidays are working 123 May 2013. from 900 to 1800., do not work on Saturday and Sunday (405.-50513g.), tel. 230 - 02-73226-58-57.

Ltd. "Unilab", Vladivostok, ul. Borodino, d.46/50 Meadow, 35100 years old Vladivostok Avenue, 34 Partisan Avenue, 24 Kalinina, 279 str. Komarova, 13 str. Dobrowolski, 33.

The holidays are open daily, seven days a week from 900 to 1400.,

Tel. 224-21-24222-29-91.

Fence and blood test for antibodies to the virus of tick-borne encephalitis is carried out every day, seven days a week from 900 to 1400.

In the presence of antigen ECQ through a rapid survey captured mite - recommended the introduction of immunoglobulin protivokleschevoy:

In Vladivostok:

- Children must apply to the administration of immunoglobulin against tick-borne encephalitis virus with the result of the study of the tick in KGBUZ "Vladivostok Clinical Hospital № 2", st. Russian, 57

An adult population, with the result of the study refer to the mite KGBUZ "Primorye Regional Clinical Hospital № 1", st. Aleut, 57

In the rest of the edge:

- In health care facilities in the community in the presence of the mite research.

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