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Open Days in Palo China attracted more than 5000 people

Open Days in Palo China attracted more than 5000 people
Offsite Open House held a "career-oriented landing" of the Far Eastern Federal University in Heilongjiang Province of China (PRC). A week in the border province of China went to a team composed of several creative teams Student Center, admissions officers and service-rector for international relations, the press service of the Far Eastern Federal University.

Master classes, competitions on knowledge of Russian language and culture and the creative teams concerts Student Center Palo were held in Suifenhe and Mudanjiang. In total, the Federal University of guests these days are more than 5000 people.

Recall first Open House in Palo China took place in 2012. A distinctive feature of the "Road show-2013" began competition in Russian language and culture, organized by the school's faculty of pedagogy Palo. 125 Chinese high school students demonstrated their knowledge and competed for gifts from the university.

In Suifenhe platform for a large joint Russian-Chinese concert was the town's sports complex. On stage were the best performing groups Student Center Palo and Chinese students have submitted their national numbers. In Mudanjiang festival was held within the walls of Normal University - Palo longtime partner.

Also during the "Road show-2013" in Suifenhe inaugurated an international educational class on the basis of urban school number 1. Here Chinese students - potential entrants Palo - can learn about all of the educational programs, the new campus and living conditions, opportunities for the pursuit of science, creativity and sports.

In his address at the opening of the Mayor of Suifenhe Fu Yancheng expressed hope for further fruitful cooperation with Palo and invited the creative teams of the Student Center of the University to speak at the 110th anniversary of the city in July. Another invitation to artists and athletes have received in Palo Mudanjiang: this summer, students will participate in the Days of sports, culture and youth at Lake Tszinbohu.

As said the chief specialist of extracurricular work with foreign students Palo Vitaly Stanislavchuk, career guidance work of the team of the University does not end there. In the near future planned a trip to the city of Jilin, which also will be open day Palo master classes and a concert.

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