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Former spouse appointed for the life of a resident of Vladivostok reward of one million

Former spouse appointed for the life of a resident of Vladivostok reward of one million

This past Tuesday, April 23 in Vladivostok, left home and never came back 29-year-old woman. Since, according to the information available to the investigators, it could suffer at the hands of criminals, members of the TFR in the Primorye opened a criminal case under part 1 of article. 105 of the Criminal Code (murder).

Investigators have been put forward and worked several versions. On one of them, the murder of a woman could be involved in her ex-husband. The man flatly denied the charges, but investigators and detectives did not give up on April 27 in the well-coordinated crime was solved.

On suspicion of murder arrested five local residents in 198019921980 and 1995 birth, among which, as originally intended, investigators, former husband of the victim, born in 1980. The suspects were shown where to hide the body of the victim - in the Bay Area Glass in Vladivostok.

Now the picture of the crime recovered. According to investigators, in April, the former husband of the victim, not wanting to pass her some money as a share repurchase in the apartment, he decided to kill. Vowing million rubles, he drew four locals and together organized the surveillance of his ex-wife, preparing the violence.

April 23 attackers ambushed a woman in an elevator in the house on the street Neybuta, paralyzed her taser and taken by car to a pre-arranged place where the killing blow to the head. A woman's body was taken to the Bay Area Glass, burned and buried in the woods.

Now all the suspects at the request of the investigator were taken into custody. With their participation, carried out checks on the spot readings. In the case of a forensic examination, questioned the witnesses. The investigation is continuing.

The criminal investigation is the first department to investigate critical cases (crimes against the person and public safety) SU TFR in the Primorye Territory. Operational support by staff MOI of Russia for the Primorye Territory.

Опубликовано:   29-04-2013, 11:00      |      Категория:  eng news

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