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New parks in Vladivostok will not turn into markets or parking

New parks in Vladivostok will not turn into markets or parking

In April, during the budget adjustment Vladivostok Duma sent the money, previously scheduled for the construction of the park with the military glory of landscape and recreation area on the peninsula Nazimova, the construction of new recreation facilities.

The reason for diverting finance was the fact that the land for the placement of the park is not yet fully framed in municipal ownership.

Now, due to budget money freed up in Vladivostok will be four new park. The progress of work on the improvement of recreation areas commented Chairman of the Urban Affairs Vladivostok Duma Nikolai Goloyad:

- All of us who live in Vladivostok, good to know that in short supply in places where people can sit and rest, take a walk with the kids. Historically, the city was built in fragments, by area and places to rest simply was no time. Now it is time to correct this situation.

With the onset of warm reconstruction work began parks throughout the city. This year, in Vladivostok will be four new park. On Egersheld be reconstructed square named after Anna Schetinina. According to the project there plans to build walkways, stairs, decorative design of retaining walls. Updated appear before the townspeople Square Fisherman's glory on Churkin. It is provided to place a large number of benches, playgrounds, parking will be near. It is also planned to restore the well-known district residents memorial "Fishing Glory" with a small fishing seiner "MRS-80." Later Square can be a place where the main celebrations will be held area and festivities. Also plans to work on the landscaping of the square at the intersection of Borisenko and Sports in the River explanations.

Finally, this square outside Ovchinnikov in home 18 and 20. Green area will be located in the center of a large district, much of its ennobling. Townspeople remember that once on this site have tried to build a house, but as it turned out, there were buried the victims of repression, which made the construction of ethically impossible. I have a draft of the square, there will be a candle of memory installed, a reminder of the innocent dead. Square has become a monument to the courage of the people. In this case, the draft provides landscaping surrounding territory, reaching them.

I would like to focus on the fact that these squares are drawn as parcels, which are municipal property, with all the guarantees. This means that there will never appear any unplanned shops or cafes. The city administration takes responsibility for the content of public gardens in good condition. And, in addition, will be under the protection of green spaces themselves, which is very important in our automotive city. Creating gardens - an effective way of gardening Vladivostok. Trees, shrubs, flower arrangements - these are the bright colors that are missing the city. In the design of green attire regional center began to be used more widely, not only the usual varieties of trees, but the Manchurian maple, pears, apricots. And the decorative rocks picked specifically tailored to the stability of our climate and winds.

The members of the Committee on Urban Affairs will monitor the progress of work on the landscaping and recreation, to monitor the progress of construction work. We - the citizens too, and we want to Vladivostok in the near future is green and cozy. It is good that most of the parks - it is also a memorial sites with which vladivostoktsev different generations relate personal memories.

Опубликовано:   28-04-2013, 16:00      |      Категория:  eng news

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