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Name Vladivostok club CHL come up with themselves Primorye

Name Vladivostok club CHL come up with themselves Primorye Photo by press service of the Primorsky

Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky said that the name of the new hockey club will come up with themselves Primorye.

"Select the name of the coastal CHL teams have the residents of the region. This is correct. I decided that Monday, April 29 on the site of the regional administration will be a competition for the best name, logo and mascot of the team of the future" - Said Vladimir Miklushevsky.

President of the group of companies "Amount" Alexander Vinokourov told reporters the willingness to sponsor the seaside hockey club.

"You know that we are actively working in the Far East and are interested to make it more convenient for life. We are becoming a sponsor with great joy and pride. Would to a child's school. I think the potential is great," , - Alexander Vinokourov.

At the end of the working visit of Senator Vyacheslav Fetisov examined concert and sports complex, currently under construction in Vladivostok. The building complex is fully ready, at the moment there are decorating. In addition, there is mounted lighting equipment, has suspended the scoreboard with four screens.

"This will be the most modern ice arena in the Far East," - The senator said.

Vladimir Miklushevsky stressed that the first games of the coastal CHL teams in the concert and sports complex in Vladivostok will be held in the fall.

"Residents of Primorye long-awaited appearance of such a large sports arena, athletes and fans. Along with it, the province appears and its team CHL. Hockey, we love, they are interested in, it is played, and that event will not leave anyone indifferent. I believe in luck Our maritime team, " - The head of the region.

Опубликовано:   28-04-2013, 13:00      |      Категория:  eng news

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