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"Kirovles" in Vladivostok: in the "Khimki" forest in Kirov start fighting

"Kirovles" in Vladivostok: in the "Khimki" forest in Kirov start fighting

While in Kirov judge Navalny on the so-called business "Kirovlesa" in Vladivostok showed his "Kirovles", which became no less scandalous. This is an area of the forest at the end of Kirov Street - between the hospital, FEB RAS, rail and houses on the Kirov - № 101103105 (area of Cape Terrible).

In early April, local residents discovered that in a forested area begins construction: excavators ripped off topsoil, dig pits, piles are driven. Documents confirming the legality of the construction site, nobody residents did not show, but they verbally informed that the area - on loan from some individuals who intend to put the cottages here. "Construction work will lead to the destruction of the only recreational thousands of citizens of a neighborhood (Kirov Street, Chapayeva Chkalov, Magnitogorsk). We are surrounded by chadyaschie boiler, chemical warehouses, FEB RAS, a large transport and construction companies, railway ruin the island of our natural forests - means to deprive the citizens a place to stay, walking moms with strollers, sports, games, children. Yes, just to deprive us and our children clean air, environmental, and physical security "- said in a letter to residents, under which - more than 600 signatures.

A few years earlier there were going to start construction. Place an advantageous: the forest, the sea, a sort of suburb in the city. But then it did not work: the forest, as it turned out, is only intended for recreational purposes, also located in the exclusion zone of the railway (for the same reasons, by the way, in the 80 th Academy of Sciences of the USSR was not allowed to build a dispensary here that preserved forest).

But now, it seems, everything is possible.

Locals prepare treatment in all government structures, including the governor and the mayor Miklushevsky Pushkarev. They are asking the authorities to stop the destruction of forests to understand: if everything is OK with the release of land (cadastral numbers 25:28:050038276354355356357358) and building permits, and whether the building zoning areas and land use regulations ?

Senior Assistant Attorney Primorye Elena Telegina reported that the prosecutor's office began checking on the appeals of residents of Vladivostok on illegal conduct of construction and logging in the Kirov. Connected to the problem and Vladivostok Duma deputies.

Meanwhile, as reported in the Coordinating Council on Environmental Problems of Primorsky Territory, around the forest begins almost fighting. April 21 arrest, similar to the attack, underwent a member of the initiative group for the preservation of the forest, a senior researcher at the Pacific Oceanology Institute, Far East Branch Ph.D. Alexander Lazariuc. Outside his home at Kirov, 101 captured him did not want to introduce people in police uniform, handcuffed him and dragged him from the porch, but in the end (in the scandal intervened relatives and neighbors Lazariuc) released. In a statement, the prosecutor asked the scientist to test whether people detained him in the form of real police officers, and to assess the legality of their actions.

Yegor Kuzmich, " New Paper in Vladivostok "

Опубликовано:   27-04-2013, 19:00      |      Категория:  eng news

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