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"Great exodus" Palo Russian island accelerates

\"Great exodus\" Palo Russian island accelerates Photo: IA Primore24

Manual Palo officially announced the beginning of the move to the campus of the University on the Russian island.

More information about the long-awaited move to the largest university said Advisor to the Rector, head of the operational headquarters moving to the campus of the University Alexander Gridasov.

- The official starting day of the move can be called on April 24 when the first units off campus School of Human Sciences, including scientific and organizational department, teaching management, methodical study and the center of archaeological research "Bohai". Currently, all units are generated graphics move, which will then be compiled into a single plan. Of course, first of all go to the island of the structures of the university that are not associated with the provision of the educational process and whose remote work does not become an obstacle for the effective operation of the University.

At present in all units assigned responsibility that have already begun work on the formation of graphs moving their units. We are actively working with these people, given the specificity of their schools and organizations.

- Alexander V., is there a unit that decided to leave the mainland?

- Before the end of the school year, all units providing educational process, will remain in place. As you know, the University of the historic buildings remain at Sukhanov, 8 and Pushkin, 10. The question as to which units they will place is still open, but I think that the structure of further education and the selection committee, of course, must be one of them.

- As far as infrastructure is ready to move the campus of the University?

- The town on the Russian already lived-in part of students living there, so we can say that the minimum extent necessary're done. Now in parallel with the relocation service rector for development of the campus is working to ensure that all of the required units that will travel to the campus first. Together we decided to move house, that sort out what is missing, the site will be easier than creating the infrastructure abstracted from those who will live and work there. Of great assistance in this matter we have a Department of exploitation campus and the Department of Information Technology.

- What are the challenges faced responsible for the move? As these problems are solved?

- Most of the difficulties related to the specific services and schools. For example, schools humanities move will definitely be given easier - they have almost no heavy equipment which requires special conditions for transport and installation on campus. That is why the "first sign" and began moving School of Humanities. More difficult with large schools such as Engineering and the School of Economics and Management. We try to optimize the schedule of their move together with responsible and directors, taking into account their wishes and recommendations.

- Will the transportation of property somehow involved student volunteers?

- Yes, at the moment the volunteers expressed their desire to take part in the move. In addition, such an experience at the university already has: the students helped in the organization of the APEC summit, and a number of other activities on campus. Although, of course, their participation in the process of relocation is voluntary, and if necessary, university cope on their own.

Опубликовано:   27-04-2013, 15:50      |      Категория:  eng news

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